In an article KINDLY NOTE dated 2nd October 2020 we read that the “EMA’s safety committee (PRAC) has started a review of a safety signalto assess reports of acute  kidney injury in some patients with COVID-19 taking Veklury (remdesivir).”

So why wasn’t it stopped immediately? Since when are people turned into guinea pigs? Had this study by EMA been done (albeit I guess considering that they are the “experts” they should have known from before what are the side-effects of such a drug no?] maybe my father would not have had it administered since he was admitted to ITU on the 14th of October twelve days after the publishing of the above article!

EMA embarked on this study due to the fact that it had received reports showing acute kidney injury (AKI) in some patients who were given the antiviral medicine remdesivir for the treatment of Covid-19 in adults with pneumonia who require supplemental oxygen after being given a “conditional” marketing authorisation in the EU. It was the first Covid-19 treatment in the UK to be made available for use outside a clinical trial after evidence showed it could shorten recovery time.

It happened that “coincidentally” while the EMA was going to analyse these reports a benefit–risk analysis carried out by the UK’s Drug Safety Research Unit(DSRU) highlighted “limited” safety data available on remdesivir and found it was “unclear” whether reports of serious adverse events including AKI were caused by COVID-19 or remdesivir.

Really??? Well I can offer some clarity. As per the first page out of five pages of my dad’s “Case Summary” of which I am producing a screenshot below the evidence is clear. So do the eGFR and creatinine numbers which I am tackling too.

I am first attaching screenshots of my dad’s mixture of swab test results which make us immediately eliminate Covid-19 as the cause of AKI since such results being mixed and inaccurate cannot truly prove if my dad had Covid or not:

9th October 2020 – Swab test – Detected (meaning positive). Dad was sent home a day later ordered to quarantine and take Panadols:

14th October 2020: Swab test – Not detected (meaning negative). Dad was re-admitted to hospital the day before and on this day that is the 14th he was in ITU sedated on the ventilator:

18th October 2020: Swab test – Detected (meaning positive). Dad is still in ITU sedated on the ventilator:

19th October 2020: Swab test – Not detected (meaning negative). Dad is still kept in ITU sedated on the ventilator:

Then the next swab test was done on the 27th of October not detected (meaning negative) and here Mater Dei was illuminated and the Mater Dei medical and scientific experts found out that dad had klebsiella pneumoniae which is what has caused his initial ailment on the 9th which was even captured on x-rays and yet he was sent home to take panadols. I remind the readers that klebsiella pneumoniae is caused by klebsiella a type of Gram-negative BACTERIA.

My dad then had swab tests which continued to come out as negative on: 5th, 6th and 11th November; 2nd, 4th, 9th, 14th and 17th December. Hence we can deduce that Covid-19 was not the ghost virus which was allegedly causing acute kidney injury right?

In the screenshots below you can read that dad besides the ever-changing concoction of anti-virals antibiotics anti-coagulants steroids and God knows what was also put and kept on Remdesivir. One underlined sentence also reads: “He then developed AKI” which stands for Acute Kidney Injury.

As a final proof I am going to give you dad’s eGFR and creatinine levels which are the indication that his kidneys were malfunctioning while he was sedated and intubated and being injected Remdesevir together with other harmful medications which he did not in reality need!

eGFR stands for estimated glomerular filtration rate which is used to determine if one has kidney disease and if so at what stage is it. It measures the kidneys’ ability to filter toxins or waste from your blood. As per what is written on dad’s medical file “eGFR values more than 60 mls/min/1.73m2 are normal but not precise”. This means that if numbers were from 0.6 (60) up dad’s kidneys were functioning well. Anything lower raises the alarm.

Here are my dad’s eGFR and creatinine levels from the 9.10.2020 to 30.10.2020. There are more after this date of course but I chose to give you a short sample. After the 30th the kidneys were still malfunctioning but then you all know the story as to what happened. His urea which shows if your kidneys aren’t filtering properly or not was also indicating that dad’s kidneys weren’t filtering well due to their high levels. But I left it out for the purpose of keeping it simple. Those I marked in bold are the ones which set the alarm as they marked the kidneys’ damage:

[9.10.2020: eGRF: 87 creatinine: 82]; [10.10.2020: eGFR: 96 creatinine: 75]; [13.10.2020: eGFR: 79 creatinine: 89]; [14.10.2020: eGFR: 106 creatinine: 69]; [15.10.2020: eGFR: 101; creatinine: 72]; [16.10.2020: eGFR: 60; creatinine: 112]; [17.10.2020: eGFR: 67; creatinine: 102]; [18.10.2020: eGFR: 88; creatinine: 81]; [19.10.2020: eGFR: 85; creatinine: 83]; [20.10.2020: eGFR: 111; creatinine: 66]; [21.10.2020: eGFR: 115; creatinine: 64]; [22.10.2020: eGFR: 122; creatinine: 61]; [23.10.2020: eGFR: 127; creatinine: 59]; [ 24.10.2020:eGFR: 140; creatinine: 54]; [25.10.2020: eGFR: 93; creatinine: 77]; [26.10.2020:eGFR: 41; creatinine: 158]; [27.10.2020: eGFR: 26; creatinine: 234]; [28.10.2020: eGFR: 15; creatinine: 370]; [29.10.2020: eGFR:11; creatinine:510] and [30.10.2020:eGFR: 8; creatinine: 644].

I ask Heavens above, is it possible that all those Mater Dei experts running around in their white overcoats like butchers who claim know it all since they were proudly medically and scientifically lobotomised, did not realise what was happening? Did any one of them question this Remdesivir and all the protocol? They kept on administering one cocktail after another as if my father was an experimental strainer! With all their studies and experience and being acquainted and up-to-date with the medicine on the market is it possible that none of them knew about the side-effects of Remdesivir? Is it possible that no one spoke up and refused to administer it?

And then you had Profs Gauci telling you on the tell-a-lie-vision that covid-19 is attacking the organs! In 10 days from the 14th till the 24th my dad’s kidneys started malfunctioning when the only Covid positive test was on the 18th with a negative one the day after and then my dad was negative all throughout!?!?Covid-19 my foot! You have it here on black and white that when my dad was tested positive his kidneys were fine and when he was negative all along his kidneys (apart from the other organs) started shutting down!

Dr Fearne, who endorsed this protocol? Who is culpable of this misprision? As a qualified doctor yourself with the oath to do no harm and with supposedly prioritising the health of the nation why was the protocol with Remdesivir allowed to be injected in my dad and cause him AKI – acute kidney injury? Can you ask the committee you are on – maybe together with the crooked WHO and its cronies to set up a conference? And while you are at it I will make my presence online to ask questions and get unequivocal answers!

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