The State of Washington is creating a domestic terrorist taskforce to go after the Conservatives freedom of speech and freedom of thought.

In the third week of January legislators in the state of Washington held public hearings to create a domestic violent extremism commission. If this commission were to be established Washington would be the first state in the country to combat extremism using a public health and civic engagement strategy. Bob Ferguson the attorney general of Washington said that they could serve as models for other states to prevent domestic terrorism and hate crimes.

So in a nutshell Ferguson and a team of “experts” have put up together a detailed report with recommendations and to create such a commission. According to them “this report was in response to the rise in white supremacyand domestic extremism in Washington”.

But it is not a report. Ferguson has created and sponsored a bill HB133 on which the majority of the Democrats in the state legislature has jumped on with him and decided to come up with what he called “The Domestic Violent Extremist Commission.” They want to have it report to and controlled by the AG stuff it with the most extreme leftist stakeholders that they can scrape up from colleges or from the bowels of the Wokeist world and then use this hyper woke commission to target intimidate censor silence and presumably punish all who might be politically morally and ethically different.

What do you think Ferguson and the team of “experts” mean when they talk about extremism? Although they purposefully left the term defined broadly so to leave room for loopholes they still remembered to include in the definition “extremist and political violence” “extremist recruitment anti-government ideologies” and “online disinformation.”

This Orwellian bill was criticised as it would make people in Washington including parents nurses doctors and members of vulnerable and marginalized communities afraid to express their opinions or spread information for fear of being branded or punished as supporters of domestic violence.

But Ferguson dismissed this as being exaggerated saying “we’re trying to broaden that term to address things that are not specifically a threat to somebody but where the state can take some action in prevention for example take a more holistic approach a public health approach to address what we all see and know is happening in communities all across the country.”

Ferguson explained “public health approach” by engaging in prevention that is avoiding folks from “being radicalised”. “If somebody is radicalised and wants removal move away from that how can we help them with counseling for example to get them away from that ideology?”
When it comes to radicalization Ferguson included social media and its role and online disinformation in radicalizing people. They are after those they label “guilty of seditious conspiracy ” of “harmful content on social media” and of drawing others into “alt-right conspiracy theory groups” or “anti-government groups”.

Hence Washington is creating this commission that would bring together “experts” to engage on making specific recommendations on such issues.
And with their domestic violent extremism plan they also plan to address hate crimes. Do they mean what LGBTIQA+ the Woke the Liberals and the governments endorse to be “hate crimes” by any chance?

This is just an oversimplified version they give you of what the commission will do. In my opinion Democrats are now making it a crime to be a conservative in the state of Washington and to be entitled to free speech and freedom of thought. This is a domestic terrorist taskforce which will browbeat and persecute any individual who holds a different view than theirs.

In the communism timeline Washington state does not want any criticism. Washington state doesn’t want free thinkers who are now being deemed as radical and guilty of “radicalizing” others. Washington state does not want truth and truth seekers. Washington state does not want anyone to hold or state an opinion about the LGBTIQA+ and any other group which the governments decide to give preference on top of others. Washington state does not want people to oppose their governments and any agenda they come up with while joining forces with others who hold the same line of thought. Instead Washington state regards them as being “guilty of seditious conspiracy”.

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