The BBC and other media portals fail to admit that the Covid-19 vaccines’ injuries and deaths have devastated our society. (1)

The BBC[1]has also joined in the propaganda lying fake news coming up with many reasons after reporting that “more than 650 000 deaths were registered in the UK in 2022 – 9% more than 2019” which represents one of the largest excess death levels outside the pandemic in 50 years.  Since these are below peak pandemic levels the media adds that “it has prompted questions about why more people are still dying than normal.”
The same alarming excess number of deaths is being reported for Ireland:

Well there was the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines no? They told us that they would have prevented deaths and hospitalisations from Covid but they forgot to tell you that they will be the cause of the global mass extinction as part of the great reset which is currently inflicting the world!
But BBC like the Daily Mail adds that “Data indicates pandemic effects on health and NHS pressures are among the leading explanations.” What data? That which is controlled by the governments and Big Pharma?

And then the BBC which I remind you as I had shown in another blog had collaborated with Facebook to censor pesky truthers fighting against the Covid-19 vaccine genocide by permanently removing a page where people reported vaccine deaths and injuries[2] comes up with various possible reasons as to why the world is seeing this unprecedented number of excess deaths.

Firstly it says that some deaths are due to Covid but while in 2020 and 2021 it was the main explanation for this excess in 2022 it is one of several factors. It adds that “we are still seeing more deaths overall than would be expected on recent history.” Weren’t we told that vaccines will prevent Covid deaths?

Didn’t the Telegraph in November 2022 report that excess deaths are on the rise but not because of Covid?

Wasn’t the same reported by the Irish News more recently that is January 2023?

Consuming just one mainstream media article a day increases your risk of brain damage considering that they spread lies like cockroaches for which for every one lie you discover there are many more hidden. Which one truth do you think all these media portals are hiding?

Then the BBC states that “a number of doctors are blaming the wider crisis in the NHS” because ambulances are taking longer to respond to a suspected heart attack or stroke” since the NHS is now overwhelmed with the pandemic of the vaccinated. Didn’t we read that Covid-19 vaccines are causing heart attacks and strokes? Here is the news that the CDC is now investigating the Covid-19 vaccine induced strokes hitting the mainstream media:

But then we have another media pushing the propaganda saying that a rise in strokes and the flu is being reported but that the strokes are being caused by the flu!

Here is The Times reporting that there is a MYSTERY rise in heart attacks. Everything is becoming a mystery since the Covid-19 vaccines roll out. We have mystery this and mystery that and deaths which are sudden and mysterious!

Secondly the BBC blames the post-myocarditis infection after catching Covid – didn’t a study published in Pubmed smash this as being a complete lie for good?[3]

And it also blames the lockdowns but notice the verb it uses: “some of the excess may be people whose deaths were hastened by the after-effects of a Covid infection” and “some of this may be contributed to by the fact many people didn’t come in for screenings and non-urgent treatmentduring the peak of the pandemic storing up trouble for the future.” This modal verb is commonly used to express possibility so the BBC is only making this reason a possibility and not giving it full credibility. Non-urgent treatment? If it wasn’t urgent then it wasn’t fatal. People didn’t turn up for screenings? I am sure people did their best not to miss appointments. Or were they cancelled by the same hospitals?

The BBC then tells that “the largest jump in excess deaths was seen in men aged 50-64 most commonly caused by heart problems” but it mellows it down to the fact that they needed statins to prevent future heart attacks” but which they were not given during the pandemic. Well as per the following two testimonials we read that the said loved ones died of heart attacks did not need statins and were younger than 50! Can the BBC explain?

Oh the media! How I wish that one day’s honest media coverage with journalists not telling one side of the story and turning a blind eye to vaccine harm and deaths will make this entire narrative collapse!


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