Is Madonna cancelling her tour due to child trafficking accusations?

As I have written in another piece Madonna has “recently announced a 40th anniversary world tour and sat for an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair’s French Spanish and Italian issues. She also took part in a lavish photo/video project inspired by religious imagery” which were actually very creepy – as if she is in the last days of Babylonia. Her photos also showed a lot of baby parts and dolls[1].

This tour is expected to be a huge event with stops in 40 cities around the world decades’ worth of discography to be included in the tracklist and countless special guests[2].

Madonna wore several outfits in her tour video teaser proving how much of a timeless and iconic singer she is albeit controversial at times – actually she proved that she is part of the one club and that she is another of the many Hollywood Illuminati puppet of the Illuminati Elite like many other artists:

The Illuminati Elite are arrogant and look down upon society as a colony of ants. We are dehumanized in their eyes unworthy even to hold an intelligent conversation with them. They look at us as just pawns and a colony of ants just fit to be stepped on. They hate God but adore and worship Lucifer. They are the ones who run the world.

Then artists like Madonna seem somehow to join the club – for fame and fortune.

However with tour preparations in full swing the excitement comes to a halt when news of Madonna’s alleged involvement in child trafficking hits the headliners.

According to reports the Ethiopian World Federation has accused Madonna of running a child trafficking operation in Malawi through her charity “Raising Malawi”.

The EWF urged Malawi President Lazarus Chakwara to look into the matter and suggested that Madonna and her entourage be barred from entering the country.

The federation also cited Madonna’s coffee table book “S*x” as evidence: “Gay p*rn stars were photographed in p*rnographic pictures with Madonna performing vulgar s*x acts with the same s*x that should have been disclosed during her adoption case in Lilongwe Malawi in 2006.” Because Madonna being an Illuminati puppet has also endorsed the same sex agenda and uses her image to market it and promote it. Despite these allegations recent reports indicate that Madonna’s “Celebration Tour” is still going on.

According to the Austin American-Stateman she added another date to her Austin stop due to “overwhelming demand.”

It appears that Madonna’s fans remain loyal to the singer and reject the EWF’s claims.


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