Calls for the suspension of the Covid-19 vaccines in South Africa because of the adverse reactions that doctors are seeing hit the mainstream media.

Renewed calls were issued for South Africa to scrap its Covid-19 vaccination drive.

NGO Transformative Health Justice says an independent investigation must be concluded and its results shared with the public before calling on residents to roll up their sleeves. Their concern surrounds the potential side effects and deaths caused by vaccines.

When Transformative Health Justice CEO Shabnam Mohammed was asked “Is your issue with the Covid-19 vaccine in general or is the announcement made in December by the health ministry that five-year-olds to eleven-year-olds would also now start being vaccinated?” she replied:
“They have stopped the shots’ cases against the backdrops of international investigations into safety and efficacies essentially catalyzed by doctors in South Africa who are seeing serious adverse effects and have tried to report this to the Supra and the Department of Health.”Giving these shots to young kids “gives this case urgency as does the fact that we discovered that under five year olds are being injected unlawfully but the case is essentially based on what doctors and healthcare workers are seeing in terms of adverse effects. They’re being ignored. We know our Health Care system is in a crisis. We know the electricity crisis adds further challenges as to whether these injections are safe or not. So what we’re calling for is for independent joint investigations into safety efficacy and the necessity in faculties really exorbitant products that we cannot afford and we’re also asking the respondents in this case to declare their context of interest as it relates to decision making about the Covid-19 injections.”

She also said that they have no choice but going to court in order to stop these injections so to do what’s in the best interest of the people.

Their legal aid advocate Sabelos Banda also talked about the legal recourse that they applied for saying that the most critical aspect is that related to the precautionary principle. What they are asking the court to do is for temporarily while waiting for an investigation to be carried out to stop the Covid-19 vaccinations for all the people for every South African who is deemed to be eligible to take the shot. He added that the issue pertaining to the children is particular because they are trying to pinpoint to the court that there is something happening out there. The doctors who are hands-on and see patients on a daily basis are saying that they are witnessing an increase in a number of patients who have had the jab. This is making the doctors more concerned that such a vaccine is being introduced to the children. They are also concerned that they do not have the necessary evidence that these vaccines are not going to affect the children in the same manner that they are witnessing in adults who have taken the jabs.

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