Beyond the Rainbow: Advancing LGBTQI+ Rights at WEF in Davos and how they are infiltrating the educational system to indoctrinate your children.

Among the panelists who discussed the LGBTIQA+ agenda at the Davos 2023 of the World Economic Forum there was also Sarah Kate Ellis from Glad Tarana Hassan from Human Rights Watch and Sharon Marcel from BCG Boston Consulting Group.

During the discussion they tell you how they are infiltrating the education system so to indoctrinate your children to accept their agenda:

Journalist:“What about in education as well like completely different kettle of fish I know my sister has received praise from one family where she was really responsible for ensuring that the classroom was supportive of a trans child and it was real struggle for this kid but primary school from grade one to grade seven in Australia was a breeze for this kid because of what the teacher did.”

Sarah Kate Ellis:“I mean may I just say one thing on that because that is a battleground that we’re facing in the United States right now. It’s really tough I’ll be honest with you. They are putting it under parental rights.I’m a parent I’m married to a woman and I have two kids so they are talking about some parental rights and they’re excluding us and they’re targeting us and they’re banning books at a rate that we’ve never seen before.”
Banning books? These books are not math books or history books. They are “same-sex” books and “sex of the one LGBTQ kind” books with vulgar language which do not belong in the education of any kid whatsoever. But they are turning this on their heads and saying that they are the victims when we all know in reality these books do not belong in any library or in any kids’ education.

Sara Kate Ellis:“Absolutely sure this is being exported globally this kind of framework that they have come up with that’s been really effective over the past year and they’re legislating against it as well.”

Tarana’s input was: “Well I think that actually it’s not so much just about the education sector. It’s about keeping track of where the political narrative more broadly is going. So when you start seeing the othering of the community that’s when we need to start mobilizing. That’s when you need to start reaching out to elected members. That’s when actually all parts of society not just the community needs to start mobilizing and becoming politically active.”

The truth is that when she is referring to the political landscape she is referring to the people present for this conversation of this panel who are CEOs and executives of major companies executives and EU representatives. These are the same people who are controlling the politics of the world and control the politicians of the world.

Jaladeen: “I have to say something when it comes to school because I think that there is so much happening on the ground that we’re still not or we’re still failing to capture. When it comes to educators who are pushing different narratives when it comes to principals who are also trying to leverage different tools. I think from the context that I come from these stories are there but there’s no access to these stories and I think we need to start telling these stories. We need to start to produce more knowledge on it in order to make this wheel move.”

Thanks to Christopher F. Rufo a journalist who is working on a ten-part investigative series on radical gender theory in American schools and exposing this agenda its infiltration in the educational system and the disgusting books they want your children to endorse with his tweets on twitter you can see what kind of books and agenda they are talking about and how some parents are speaking up for their children:

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