Beyond the Rainbow: Advancing LGBTQIA+ Rights at the WEF in Davos – those who oppose the agenda are called extremists while the agenda is being helped through loopholes in the laws!

Jamaladeen global shaper [when they tell you ‘global’ it means they are representing the ‘globalist elites’] from Lebanon one of the panelist who spoke on behalf of the Arab nation about the LGBTQIA+ rights and agenda at Davos had the following to say:

“I think it’s very important as an Arab to be on this panel primarily because the narrative has always been different. Um you know um we have been portrayed as queer people. We’ve been portrayed in a way that has always been based on Islamic homophobia and really different values. But I think the narrative of queer Arabs is changing definitely it is changing and one of the main reasons why it’s changing because I think the literature; a lot of people are writing are sharing I think in the Arab region as well we have new media outlets through technology that is also providing more platform for different people to share their authentic voices. But I think it’s very important not to whitewash. I think there is a huge reality in the region that we should not escape from although a lot of countries are really progressing very fast without naming these countries but until now unfortunately these countries criminalised people who identify as LGBT. It’s also very interesting to see how some global reports talk about that this country is the safest or one of the safest countries in the world. However people who identify as LGBT can have a death penalty. So I think it’s very important to be very realistic and also at the same time speak about the good things that are happening when you’re talking about the legal aspect and the whole court system. I think in 2018 in Lebanon although we criminalised within the system we’ve seen brilliant judges who went through loopholes within the system and made sure that people are safe.”

After this gaffe the journalist intervened and said “It is sad that we have to use loopholes but if that’s the way we have to take the show…”
When asked what is bringing about change in the Middle East Jaladeen replied:

“I think that I would definitely say the youth and the younger generation because the younger generation is not anymore structured within specific circumstances. They have the tools they have the means. They are creating spaces for themselves to claim that they are here but unfortunately I mean um it’s a very complex I would say even within our region because every time you say something that is positive there are so many things that are negative. Even when this youth are claiming their spaces there’s so much efforts from extremist religious groups from different people to try to shut down these spaces.”

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