Bruno Le Maire- the climate change hoax at the WEF Annual Meeting 2023 at Davos.

The climate change hoax also happened to be one of the topics that the elite think they have the right to discuss on behalf of humanity. I keep on reiterating that it is a hoax because there is no climate change of which you are the culprit as they want you to believe. They have been manipulating the weather through geo-engineering and HAARP (the problem) (topics which I have already touched upon and which I will discuss further in more blogs) so that then they make you believe that the climate is changing for the worse (reaction) and what is the solution? You must start doing some sacrifices.

Here is the French Minister of Economics and Finance Bruno Le Maire again at the 43:35 mark imposing the climate change agenda from the seat of aristocracy:

“The key question is not China first or United States first or Europe first. The key question for all of us and for all the nations in the world is climate first. And if we want to have climate first we need to invest more in the fight against climate change we need to invest more in the green industry we need to have our own chips being produced in Europe and our strategy goal is very clear. We want to come from nine per cent of the semiconductors produced in Europe to twenty per cent and this is absolutely compatible with the determination of the US to have more semiconductors and more chips being produced in the US and that’s perfectly compatible with the ambition of China to get also access to semiconductors. There is a place for all of us in the fight against climate change and in the decarbonization of the economies.”

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