Inside Townhall’s investigation of the suburban Zulock couple and LGBTQ paedophile ring. (2)

“The brothers were enrolled in third and fourth-grade respectively before the men were caught in a midnight July bust at the Zulock mansion which ended with Zachary tackled to the ground and William hauled out of the house naked by armed officers.

William admitted to forcing his 11-year-old adopted son to perform an act of sodomy a.k.a. “oral copulation ” on him “with the intent to satisfy his own… sexual desire ” reads a sworn affidavit filed in support of William’s overnight arrest back on July 27. (Townhall has redacted the children’s names to protect the identities of the underage victims.)

An updated criminal affidavit says the child sexual abuse was filmed by William’s husband Zachary “with whom he routinely engaged in sexually abusive acts” on the boy. Zachary the household’s breadwinner confessed to being the cameraman and authorities allegedly found a folder on his cell phone—labeled “US”—that contained videos of William sexually abusing the child.

The indictment also charges the Zulock co-defendants with soliciting two other men through the use of popular social media platforms in the Greater Atlanta metropolitan region to “perform an act of prostitution” with their child that suffered physical injuries from being brutally raped. Townhall is the first to publicly identify these two alleged members of a pedophile ring in the heart of the Peach State: 27-year-old Hunter Clay Lawless and 25-year-old Luis Armando Vizcarro-Sanchez both of Loganville.

Lawless who snitched on the Zulocks told local law enforcement he received “numerous” messages via Snapchat from Zachary about “f*cking [his] son tonight” and to “be prepared” to receive images as well as videos of the father raping his adopted child.

Zachary met Lawless through a mutual contact an unidentified man going only by the first name “Blake” on the gay dating app Grindr. Following the virtual introduction Zachary sent photographs and videos to Lawless of a little boy he referred to as his son.

“I’m going to f*ck my son tonight. Stand by ” Zachary allegedly messaged Lawless on Snapchat and then sent pictures of himself sexually abusing his 11-year-old child. After he was busted Lawless denied having had any physical contact with the Zulock boys but told law enforcement officers that Zachary invited him “multiple times” to engage in sexual acts with him and his two children.

A list of the state’s evidence includes 149 images collected at the Zulock home; two flash drives containing Zachary and Lawless’s phone data; Sexual Assault Nurse Examination (SANE) results from the children’s medical forensic exams which gathered DNA evidence such as bodily fluids and documented injuries; a text message from Lawless; a Snapchat letter; two written letters from the older Zulock child; and a disk containing a data dump from Vizcarro-Sanchez’s iPad and iPhone.

A photo of a “daddy” shirt is also an evidentiary item listed by the district attorney’s office. Police had found clothes in the older Zulock child’s bedroom that matched the clothing the boy was wearing in the photos and videos Zachary allegedly sent Lawless.

Years ago  Zachary had proudly displayed a child-sized “So Cool Like Dad” T-shirt he received as a gift at his adoption shower.”

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