Inside Townhall’s investigation of the suburban Zulock couple and LGBTQ paedophile ring. (4)

Raid and Seizure

“Since the Zulocks have been taken into custody the married men’s assets have been seized their vehicles have been forfeited and their home is now the ‘property’ of the state with a lien filed against it the Zulock couple’s criminal defense attorney John E. Haldi said in court adding that a sign on the Zulock house says: ‘Do not enter. Property of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.’

‘It’s B.S. that they took our house ’ a frustrated William stuck in Walton County Jail protested via an hour-long phone call with the Zulock family insider. ‘They seized the house everything inside of it all of our cars on the property ’ William said of the seizure.

William recounted the night of the armed raid on the Zulock residence: ‘They came in 11:30 at night. I was asleep. Zack was asleep. They were going to bust down our door if Zack didn’t open the door.’ The relative asked  ‘They rammed the door down?’

‘They were about to but Zack heard them knocking. And he actually went and opened the door. They slammed him on the floor. And umm I hate to say this but ’ William paused momentarily chuckling in a lowered voice. ‘I don’t sleep in clothes ’ he said.

‘So they arrested me in my bed naked ’ William complained. ‘And they walked me across my front yard put me in a [police] cruiser with no clothes. They wouldn’t even let me get gym shorts or anything.’ William added that he sat stark naked in the back seat of the patrol car until approximately 4:00 a.m. the following morning ‘while they searched our house for God knows what.’

‘Yeah you can tell in Zack’s mugshot that he has a big bruise on the left side of his face ’ the family member said.
‘Yeah ’cause they slammed him against the floor in the foyer. He had bruises on his knees his face. They come in blazing with AK-47s or whatever ’ William continued recalling about 10 to 15 officers. ‘They were doing like a drug bust or something.’

”Cause they come in screamin’ and hollerin’ and—overkill ’ William whined. ‘I’m pretty sure they ransacked the whole house.’
‘I think they took our house because they think there was extra money coming in from somewhere and we’re like in our 30s and have this big giant house. And they didn’t think we could afford it ’ William said describing the custom-built home he designed.

The couple’s ‘dream home’ sits on a two-acre secluded cul-de-sac in a private prestigious upscale neighbourhood where pre-existing houses are selling for as much as $900 000. Construction of the mansion from the ground up took only half a year in 2020. ‘The kids love the forest behind us and the playroom for all their toys ’ William wrote in a post celebrating its completion.

Beforehand the Zulocks lived out of a small house in Snellville which neighbors Loganville at the time the boys were adopted. The couple’s lavish lifestyle began to materialize about a year after the Zulock men got the boys the family insider told Townhall.

In addition to the Zulocks considering purchasing the adjacent property Zachary told friends they were looking to buy a condo over the next few years somewhere in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach along the southern tip of Alabama’s white-sand coastline.

‘Getting ideas for our next house ’ William had cheekily captioned a picture taken in North Carolina outside of the Biltmore Estate a 250-room 8 000-acre castle that is considered America’s largest home and belongs to the industrialist Vanderbilt family.”

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