In my quest to keep on exposing the readers to sex trafficking which includes even that of minors happening around the world headlines of monstrous allegations of sexual assault exploitation and negligence have now hit the U.S. Olympics.

“According to multiple reports including Reutersand ESPN several former members of the U.S. Ski & Snowboard team have sued their former coach Peter Foley as well as U.S. Ski & Snowboard its former CEO Gale Shaw and the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee.”

As reported by ESPN three women who include three-time Olympian and 2006 bronze medalist Rosey Fletcher 2010 Olympian Callan Chythlook-Sifsof and former national team member Erin O’Malley have brought forth very serious charges which include sex trafficking harassment and enabling and covering up repeated acts of sexual assault and misconduct.

As per Reuters the lawsuit consists of allegations are being made against Foley who abused his position of trust and power with athletes to “coerce sexual acts through force manipulation emotional abuse intimidation and retaliation.”

“In other words these are allegations that are not wholly dissimilar from those made against former U.S. Gymnastics and Michigan Stateteam doctor Larry Nassar whose monstrous acts preying upon young girls even sparked a father to lunge at him in court.”

“Fletcher claimed that Foley sexually assaulted her at a U.S. team camp when she was only 19 and again at a postrace event at the Olympics.”
“O’Malley claimed that she was “sexually assaulted and harassed at USSS- and USOPC-sponsored competitions by Foley who exploited their unequal power dynamic.” The lawsuit claims that this abuse from Foley began when she was 15 and that Foley had sexually assaulted her in an elevator — in front of Fletcher no less.”

“Foley began groping Erin and forcibly trying to kiss her — all without her consent ” the lawsuit said. “For nearly twenty years coaches and executives at both organizations enabled Foley’s behavior refused to act and helped cover up Foley’s behavior allowing him to continue his pattern of abuse.”

“Chythlook-Sifsof meanwhile claims that she was assaulted and raped by a male coach nearly three times her senior “from an opposing team” when she was only 16 in 2005.”

The lawsuit further stated that the USSSS has set the stage for the assault to occur although the aggressor of Callan was not an USSS coach and failed to change the toxic environment.

The parties being accused have not provided any comment.

“Unfortunately for the USOPC and the USSS this isn’t the only lawsuit targeting them. Lindsey Nikola a former USSS employee filed a separate lawsuit against Foley Shaw and USSS on Thursday according to ESPN. Nikola alleges that Foley forced her to take nude photos and sexually assaulted her in hotel room on two separate occasions while she was employed by the USSS.”

“Had the USSS taken the safety of their young athletes and employees seriously Foley’s behavior could have been prevented ” the new lawsuits said. “Instead for nearly twenty years coaches and executives at USSS enabled Foley’s behavior refused to act and helped cover up Foley’s behavior allowing him to continue his pattern of abuse.”

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