After governor Ron DeSantis signed a historic bill protecting parental rights in education Woke Disney has slammed the law labelled as “the don’t say gay bill”.

While discussing the LBTIQA+ agenda at the Davos 2023 of the World Economic Forum the panellists came out to tell you what they have been doing with Hollywood:

“You know erm major companies are normalizing LGBTQ folks including us in all stories. So that’s the other piece that I think is really important and we’ve worked really closely with Hollywood on this. It’s not just centring the story on us but it’s we’re everywhere right? We’re at your workplace we’re in your families we’re at your laundry mat we’re at your grocers we’re everywhere. So why aren’t we everywhere in the stories being told?”

“I think bringing our perspective and us as people into just everyday stories and putting that lens on it is a good place to start too.”

Well even Christians are also everywhere but do you ever see Christians uttering what they demand or that they demand that they are in every single story? But it is the Christians who are being persecuted and ostracized by the woke while being shut out of every single story.

And with this stated in the WEF now you are not only hearing it from the horse’s mouth but hopefully you can also understand the nature of the movies the characters the nature of tv shows and how the LGBQT agenda has invaded pretty much everything in society.

Walt Disney executives have also let us know that they are responsible for every queer and LGBQT character that are depicted in the kids’ movies.  In one particular footage one can watch a Disney executive stating that that there is a “secret gay agenda” so that they can put two characters kissing in the background and adding queerness to it. “If you see anything queer in the show I’m proud of them but like I was just saying no one would stop me and no one was trying to stop me.” She was actually happy to talk about the power that she had in introducing queer characters everywhere that she could introduce it and the executives at Disney give her full support to do so.

On 28thMarch 2022 governor Ron DeSantis signed a historic bill protecting parental rights in education[1] which “prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through 3rdgrade and prohibits instruction that is not age appropriate for students and requires school districts to adopt procedures for notifying parents if there is a change in services from the school regarding a child’s mental emotional or physical health or well-being.”

But Disney which is one of the most popular theme parks in the world supposedly dedicated for children and families has slammed this law. During Disney’s annual shareholder meeting and in a memo to staff the entertainment giant CEO Bob Chapek spoke against the bill which the woke are falsely labelling as “the don’t say gay bill” pledging that “Disney would pause all political donations in Florida and contribute millions of dollars to LGBTQ+ causes.[2]” This is ironical considering that Disney had moved its employees from California to Florida since Florida offers more potential for business growth!

In a nutshell Disney is acting as a progressive advocacy organisation caving in with the radical mob and  demonizing this law which in effect is there to protect parents’ rights over their own children not for the state or for Disney to control or indoctrinate children. Children should not be inundated with sexual orientation and transgenderism.

What special privileges does Disney have then to put this front and centre on their cultural chart?

Hence why you see “queer” characters everywhere and they are there for a reason because it is what they want. They want to desensitize you to their agenda and they have everything at their disposal to make this happen – they have money they have Hollywood and they have politicians.

And in the process they keep God out of the picture because they know that the agenda violates the created order and denounces procreation categorically.

It is the task of the parents to safeguard their children from this agenda from these people who are its mission field because they have the connections money power and influence.


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