A Catholic student who said God created two genders was suspended and arrested in Canada.

In the continuous saga to turn everything into a rainbow arena anyone who does not want to play rainbow games in this arena continues to be persecuted.

The turn now was for 16-year-old Josh Alexander a Roman Catholic student in Canada who was suspended from St Joseph Catholic High School in Renfrew Ontario for saying in class that God created only two genders and leading a protest against trans athletes using the girls’ locker room.
“The suspension was justified on the grounds that his presence would be ‘detrimental to the physical and mental well-being’ of the transgender students at the school.”

“His attorney is bringing the matter to an Ontario human rights tribunal alleging religious discrimination.”

But now the story has taken an even more disturbing turn. According to Fox News Alexander has been arrested as per his tweet:

A video has also emerged of the teenager being detained at a protest against “drag queen story hour” in Ottawa:

Clearly matters are getting more disturbing and it is more disturbing that it happened in a Catholic school and it is being permitted by a Catholic school against a Catholic student.

But this must not come as a surprise considering the agenda that Canada is endorsing. It is clear that Canada under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is no longer a free country and has submitted to wokeism.

What is happening abroad should represent a dire warning to all countries which are submitting themselves to wokeism including Malta. This is a cultural backlash with the LGBTIQA+ turning progress into an attack on Christianity. World leaders including our government are now harnessing religious values for the sake of encouraging acceptance of LGBTIQA+ agenda.

“If you don’t think it can happen here just remember how the last few years were defined by politicians and the media calling for people to have their lives ruined for questioning the narrativeon COVID-19 or refusing to get a vaccine.”

And now “we have an LGBT movementthat wields even more power than the health establishment that pushed the COVID narrative. In fact the LGBT movement is in many ways the new state religion.” It is turning itself into a new form of dictatorship.

Will we have the right to be Christians in a gay world?

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