While the vaccinated are being annihilated they are being replaced – by third country nationals.

I am going to add more information to the blog written by a political observer entitled “Ikomplu jiżdiedu l-ħaddiema barranin mhux mill-Unjoni Ewropea ġewwa pajjiżna.[1]”

We are all witnessing this in the catering industry mainly restaurants and in the construction industry where most workers are foreigners. In the health sector MDH and in community elderly homes 99% of nurses/care staff are Indian and Philippines with a small percentage being Serbian and Bulgarian. I have nothing against these people but a question I ask is “Where are the Maltese workers? Where are they disappearing?”

I would like to bring to the attention of the readers the following line of thought. It’s not just about killing people; it’s also about having native citizens replaced by a foreign workforce that’s still willing to sweep the floors and accept a salary that’s peanuts in comparison to our cost of living and which won’t help you get through the end of the month especially with a home loan.

The truth is that these foreign workers very often live in an apartment which is shared even by six or more flatmates hence being able to afford the high monthly rents which the same peanut salary won’t help a Maltese solitaire or duo to afford. No wonder the construction industry is always blooming and rentals are ongoing. But what will happen if there is an overnight crash?

The robot or AI takeover hasn’t arrived yet but until it does the globalist Elite are content with a migrant takeover. Furthermore with debilitating the workforce and a decline in the population people will begin to realize that something is wrong.  With the migrant takeover Malta for example still feels overpopulated. Thus people cannot yet see the effect of the population shift that is taking place in Malta whether caused by the Covid vaccines or otherwise.

The truth is that we are today engineering the total collapse of our Western Civilisation a process which is already accelerating by the day across Western Europe.

To summarize we are not only witnessing the negative effects of the Covid vaccines but we are also witnessing the ongoing reshuffling of the economic order by malicious anti-human politicians who celebrate death and destruction.

To top it all off the masses are not only oblivious to all of this – having no idea what is going on or that it is happening even though members of their family friends and co-workers are being maimed or killed by the Covid vaccines – but the global vaccine holocaust is being carried out right under the noses of the masses and thanks to media-controlled narratives and counter-narratives those who lack the mental capacity to question false authorities are assisting the globalist Elite and their puppets to keep on making potions and cast spells so that humanity descends into the hell of tyranny and in so doing destroying itself.


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