Dr Frank Portelli is also noticing the fact that there are too many deaths.

Dr Frank Portelli is saying it loud. He shared on Facebook what he is noticing with the general public. Too many people are dying a claim which is now often being stated by many on the Facebook pages;

Another question we must ask is how are they dying? Shouldn’t we be concerned that so many are dying suddenly and unexpectedly when we were offered safe and effective vaccines? Shouldn’t we be concerned that these sudden deaths are happening in all ages? Shouldn’t we be concerned that there has been an unexpected rise in cancer cases?

Here is Dr Campbell speaking about excess deaths in all age groups:

We should all be concerned about an abundance of people dropping dead and dying suddenly. UK excess deaths are off the scale. Over a thousand more people are dying every week than expected. Here is Sky News reporting about the excess deaths in the UK which are estimated to be 20% higher than 2022 which is alarming. The reporter also shows graphs to consolidate this besides other graphs which show that the Netherlands Germany and France are doing worse. The reporter also states that neither Covid nor the flu are the cause of these excess deaths. But no mainstream media even Sky News points its finger at the Covid-19 vaccines.

And then we have the IFO institute which is “surprised” by the increase in excess mortality rate in Germany for the year 2022. “The exact reasons for this are still unclear.” But of course we had the roll-outs of “safe and effective” Covid-19 vaccines and boosters in 2021 and 2022 respectively. So what could go wrong apart from having excess deaths caused by these particular vaccines?

Even Europe has reported 35% excess deaths in the third week of January for which full data was available. 10% is considered a never seen before catastrophe by insurance companies:

And yet the Covid-19 vaccines are never mentioned nor blamed. But I do and I will keep on writing and exposing all this as these few of the many testimonials show:

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