Why didn’t Robert Abela and Dr Lara Dimitrijevic attend vigils held for Bernice Cassar and Pelin Kaya but they did for Paulina Dembska’s?

Two weights two measures – one of the modus operandi of this corrupt government and the woke liberal brigade.

Malta is becoming another country where women are blatantly murdered by narcissistic controlling men who think that women are their possession an object they can do what they want with it and an object which has no right to leave their territory. This was the case with Bernice Cassar a true victim of a femicide.

But this was not the case of Paulina Dembska who was a victim of necrophilia as Profs Simon Mercieca had rightly stated but which was depicted as femicide by the woke and liberal brigade in order to divert the attention of the gentiles from the “gayyaġni” and demonic possession agenda. And yet when a vigil was organised all the woke and liberal brigade was behind it and for the vigil Prime Minister Robert Abela and Dr Lara Dimitrijevic attended.

And yet when Bernice Cassar was brutally murdered in broad daylight by her own husband no vigil by the gentiles or same crowd who attended that of Dembska’s was organised. It had to be the University of Malta to organise a tribute to which neither Abela nor Dimitrijevic attended when this was a true case of femicide! And then Dimitrijevic highly boasts that she is fighting for women’s rights in which she includes abortion. Women’s rights my foot!

The woke and liberal brigade know that their laws are not functioning and hence when we have true cases of femicides they are dead silent like deep water. And their silence is not empty. It is full of messages which the gentiles should understand and interpret. Because the woke and liberal brigade and Dimitrijevic understand that in such cases “it is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool than to talk and remove all doubt of it!” (Mark Twain)

The solution is not in laws and institutions which are clearly not safeguarding the innocent. The solution is in a radical change in the way children are raised and educated so that humans surrender the patterns of self-hatred collective shaming disdain for others repressed traumas and pain misplaced kindness fake positivity and existence fake spirituality meaningless materialism and the quest of becoming.

And lately we have this atrocious murder of Pelin Kaya who was not merely killed by Jeremie Camilleri but who even went out of the car unharmed and as fresh as a daisy and continued to stone her while he was high on cocaine.

All these murders myself being a woman shock me to the core because I understand that no woman is safe. Paolina Bernice and Pelin could be me and you. We could be in the wrong relationship; we could be a pedestrian on the street; we could be feeding cats on an early morning; we could refuse the advances of a man – clearly no context is safe anymore. In a world where men think they know it better or that women are their possession and should be yes-sayers; in a world run by men whose ego and narcissistic personality make them pour their ancestral toxicity and unhealed traumas onto women women are having a tougher ride to be understood loved validated respected – and it is harder for those women who are intrinsically powerful and highly wise and intelligent.

A vigil was also organised for Pelin whose family in tears and in deep pain broke my heart. Grief is painful and from my own experience you never heal from it. You just learn to adapt to a different reality without the presence of that loved being by your side in physical form. One man’s evil action has created so much pain for the many. Evil exists.

And yet once again neither Dimitrijevic nor Abela were present for Pelin’s vigil. Was it because drugs are involved and so the drug emperors in Malta need to be respected? Are there any drug emperors in the political arena? From what I was told by Caritas residents yes there are.
Who are Abela and Dimitrijevic siding with? Who are they covering up for?

We did not even have one public statement by them or any party condemning these last two murders. And yet when Dembska was murdered they did their part alongside the mainstream media to deviate the attention of the gentiles from the “gayyaġni” and demonic possession agenda.

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorises it and a moral code that glorifies it.” (Frederic Bastiat)

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