What is controlled opposition and what are its traits when it comes to Covid-19 and its agendas? (1)

In this piece divided in two I am going to tackle “controlled opposition” which I have often mentioned in other pieces and which I had briefly touched upon.

“Controlled opposition” is very much common in the overload of information when it comes to Covid-19 and all its agenda. How do you know that someone who is validating what you have always thought or felt is not to be trusted completely because he or she is “controlled opposition”?

In Covid-19 and its agenda we find the narrative and the counter narrative while the truth is trying to make its way to the surface. Having been assigned by God to use my pen to write these blogs carries with it a lot of responsibility. It is no easy feat for me. It requires from me endless hours of researching on various media platforms reading and listening to all opposing viewpoints. Then I have from my seat of objective stance and God given discernment mostly through God’s guidance dissect each raise questions which question everything I am searching and this also means challenging myself so that then I can guide the readers towards the truth. Trust me it is not a matter of pick and choose.

I am aware as I have showed you in past blogs and as I will keep on showing that I have used peer-reviewed studies and even medical professionals who are part of controlled opposition. It means that they oppose the narrative but it is not completely opposed. For example they oppose the covid-19 vaccines for a certain cohort but still encourage another cohort to take it. Or else they coned the phrase “mild myocarditis”. There is no “mild myocarditis”. It is myocarditis. Point blank.

When all this will be over controlled opposition and the narrative will show future generations how western society and the world have looked at how someone’s intelligence is analysed or who they considered experts. Degrees have just become an accolade in society that measures how far you followed the system’s indoctrination which they glued to your neurons and for many the decoration of their egos. Knowledge wisdom and accolades should not be confused or interchanged.

While pursuing knowledge should be a must for everyone not all knowledge is found in degrees. Vice versa while degrees do give you knowledge it is still a must for the individual to skill him/herself in critical thinking so to question the same knowledge given through degrees and unstrap oneself from indoctrination.

The goals of controlled opposition are various but it surely serves as a means for the Elite and Big Pharma to tell you that they did give you some truth in their Revelation of the Method.

One very important thing to keep in mind is this: that those who control the narrative also control the counter-narrative or controlled opposition. Those in control range from each country’s health authorities medical and scientific associations and entities to governments to Big Pharma to the Elite.

The truth is that in this age of censorship in this communism timeline those who truly are aware of the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccines and of the Covid-19 agendas who are realising that the medical and indoctrination given was manipulated and that Big Pharma is truly just one billion-making business are either silent because they are threatened to have their license revoked or else those few risking it all ended up having to create their own channel which does not go viral which is not on social media and who are not invited on any tv channel in another episode of “Here is what you should believe”. Those who are being allowed to speak out had either to strike a deal or be bribed.

Here are two statements issued by Dr Thomas Binder completely saying it loud that he is against vaccinating all cohorts and people with the Covid-19 vaccines. How many of you have heard of him? Such doctors are cancelled. However my concern is that no doctor has ever questioned publicly past vaccines and no doctor has yet questioned the existence of the virus which allegedly has caused Covid-19.

So what are the general traits of controlled opposition and things to look for?

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