We will never forget when they locked us up to safeguard dancing front-liners and hospitals turned into ghost towns.

We will never forget what they did.

We will never forget when they told us that hospitals are overwhelmed and so is the medical staff.

We will never forget that at a time of imposed isolation the propaganda and fear mongering made it a must for Europeans to take a minute each night to come together in gratitude stand in open windows and balconies singing cheering and applauding front-liners.

Doctors nurses and other health care workers were lauded for putting themselves in danger on the front lines of a pandemic that was forcing most residents to stay at home.

But some doctors nurses and other health care workers were putting themselves at risk of twisting an ankle or pull a muscle with their choreographies and dances in hospitals which during the hype of the pandemic were turned into ghost towns.

Here is a very well made footage for you showing how the pandemic was talked about in cartoons before it materialised the choreographies and dances of the medical staff and people videoing empty hospitals expressing their disgust when they were being locked down:

And while this farce was going on worldwide I was crying at home and confronting Mater Dei and ITU so to save my dad from being killed by the deadly protocol endorsed by Malta’s hailed heroes in power in the fight against Covid-19 in the greatest scam in the history of human existence:

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