To all those labelled “Jesus freaks” – I salute you and honour you. (1)

According to a reader of this site those who attend the Christian fellowship River of Love are “Jesus freaks.” I am going to expand on this phrase for all Christians including myself even though I do not attend River of Love. The rest of the comment is all for you to read and analyse:

We appreciate very much all those readers who not only take their time to visit this site and read our contributions but we also appreciate when you contribute with your comments. We are for freedom of speech and for open discussions here.

So in this two piece I am going to elaborate on this “Jesus freaks” call out for the sake of expanding the discussion.

If I had to be called a “Jesus freak ” it would be a huge compliment for me. I would rather be a Jesus freak than a woke freak a liberal freak a Satan freak a political party freak or an abortion freak.

If we all followed and understood Christ’s teachings or better still if we are “Jesus freaks” we would not only be more tolerant of each other and loving but we would not be morbidly obedient to the authorities from all facets of society. We would not allow any religious political sociopolitical socioreligious and school indoctrination. Jesus’s times were no different than ours. But we think that now we have evolved.

We also blame God for the woes of this world when some of you still can’t fathom that the world is run by Satanists occultists Free Masons Illuminati paedophiles and a whole evil corrupt brigade.

And I also talk from experience – I was part of the New Age Movement. I had even touched a bit on the occult superficially esoterism and even studied other religions. So I am not talking from a detached pulpit of science-fiction. All these were tried and tested by myself. I am not a puritan either. My experiences and past make my faith more credible because God chooses people so that they can be of service towards humanity.

So I am here to inform the woke the liberals those who shout for abortion those whose hunger for power is bigger than safeguarding the nation and bringing and distributing prosperity (not from dirty money) to the people  those who are oppressing humanity those religious people who are pushing people away from knowing God an atheist like the EU-sponsored journalist Manuel Delia with his terror media the Repubblichini Occupy Justice the media and its liberal propaganda and the whole brigade that I respect you but I will always serve as a mouthpiece for Christ and I will always root for humanity of any creed race gender nationality and sexuality without imposing any agenda. The proper goal of diversity is to honour accept and appreciate the uniqueness of everyone and that we are all created equal in the eyes of our Creator of God.

But if Christ’s name Christianity and opposing your discriminatory and intolerant agendas are a hard pill for you to swallow then it is not my problem. Deal with it!

Are you aware that Jesus was a maverick a dangerous revolutionary and one who was leading to rebellion and hence he was seen as a threat by the authorities in His times? Are you aware that He challenged the aristocratic wealthy ruling and religious authorities of His times like we all should be doing because it is a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws and fight tyranny?

Jesus for example was in constant conflict with the Sadducees and Pharisees who comprised the ruling class of the Jews in Israel. He also rebuked the scribes.

The Sadducees were a religiopolitical group that held a great deal of powerand who confronted Jesus on occasion attempting to trip Him up. They later opposed the preaching of the apostles. They were an aristocraticclass connected with everything going on in the temple in Jerusalem; they tended to be wealthy and held powerful positions including that of chief priests and high priests and they held the majority of the 70 seats of the ruling council called the Sanhedrin.

The Pharisees were an influential religious sectwithin Judaism and the early church. They were known for their emphasis on personal piety their acceptance of oral tradition in addition to the written Law and their teaching that all Jews should observe all 600-plus laws in the Torah including the rituals concerning ceremonial purification.

The scribes albeit being a distinct group from the Pharisees though presumably some scribes were Pharisees had knowledge of the law and could draft legal documents(contracts for marriage divorce loans inheritance mortgages the sale of land and the like).

So as you can see Jesus’s times were not different from ours.

Jesus reserved harsh words of judgment and criticism towards all three. When it comes to the Sadducees Jesus in pointing out their errors had humiliated them. All of their ignorance related to Jesus and their hatred of Jesus was rooted in their ignorance of Scripture.

If you read Matthew 23 you would understand that He had pronounced “woes” on the scribes and Pharisees meaning denunciation. Why did Jesus rebuke them so harshly?

Before pronouncing the seven woes Jesus told His listeners to respect the scribes and Pharisees due to their position of authority but not to emulate them “for they do not practise what they preach. They tie up heavy cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them. Everything they do is done for people to see” (Matthew 23:3–5).

How many people in authority from all facets can you picture like the scribes the Pharisees and the Sadducees?

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