The pop music icon Madonna and her photo project on the latest issue of Vanity Fair.

Madonna recently announced a 40th anniversary world tour and sat for an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair’s French Spanish and Italian issues. She also took part in a lavish photo/video project inspired by religious imagery.

The Queen of Pop appears in the visual project wearing John Galliano for Maison Margiela Gucci Dolce & Gabbana and Jean Paul Gaultier designs styled by B. Kerlund and photographed by Luigi & Iango.

Religious imagery? Actually it is a complete mockery of anything that is religious and for a change the religion in question is Christianity. The artist is well known for making fun of Christianity and the Catholic Church.

In addition can she explain what she means by her costume in the last photo which I featured here? She has body parts of dolls attached to her dress around her breast and uterus besides featuring dolls and parts of dolls in the whole photo. Is she endorsing abortion and the paedophilic ring which the Elite and Hollywood are known for?

Why is one of the models at the back having the mouth shut with insects? Is she endorsing the bug eating agenda?

Why is one of the models sitting on the floor holding a doll? Why is one of the models at the back also carrying a doll attached to the chest?

Why does the model wearing red have a chaotic thing mounted to the chest in which if you zoom closely you see heads of children or dolls?


What worries me is the influence that these artists have on their followers and the idolatry that comes with it!

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