For the sake to cancel anything which is organic so to turn it into an LGBTQ show the puppets of the Elite are doing their best to set up the stage for this show.

The American commander-in-chief Joe Biden President of the United States has invited to the White House Marti G. Cummings a drag queen for the celebration of the Respect for Marriage Act[1]. Actually I say to celebrate the [dis]respect for Marriage Act.

As the said commander-in-chief signed such legislation which has enshrined same-sex marriage protections into federal law in accordance with the Supreme Court’s opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges administration officials even took it into their hands to invite hundreds of LGBTQ activists to the White House.

How avant-garde Malta was to have legalised such same-sex marriage under the reign of the liberal politics of Dr Joseph Muscat before the U.S.A. in 2017 with Edwin Vassallo nationalist MP being the only one at the time to vote against this bill! Like Edwin Vassallo American Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) voted against the motion to advance the bill. The reasons he gave was because its “religious liberty protections” were “severely anemic and largely illusory.”

For all those who are connecting the dots will surely start seeing matters in a different light and might even want to exchange some conversations with Edwin Vassallo for some enlightenment!

It happened that this chosen drag queen by Biden or one might say a paedophile drag queen had once performed for a two-year-old boy and has a long history of conducting activism on behalf of the “queer youth population” in New York City.[2]A video depicts him “donned in a wig high-heeled boots and a leotard tightly hugging his genitals singing the children’s song “Baby Shark” to a toddler. At one point he spins onto a long table briefly drawing attention to his nether regions.

A tweet of his was recently shared by Libs of TikTok in which he wrote “the kids are out to sing and suck d!” as a response “to another user who seemed to be suggesting in a post that the crowd at a New York City gay bar was younger than on a typical night.”

Subsequently Cummings deleted the post blocked Libs of TikTok and set his account to private.

And yet Cummings has received the overture by President Joe Biden himself to bless the rainbow coloured White House with his presence with the bella compania.

And what do you expect? After all Cummings himself stated:
“I also think we need young people at the table. We need new fresh voices.

We have a lot of queer elected officials now but we need really really progressive queer candidates. We need candidates who are going to take us to that next level. New York politics for a long time has been dynasty politics and we should bring some new people to the table because politics should be open to everybody” meaning that they want more LGBTQ drag queens and paedophiles as officials and politicians to take you to their next level while endorsing what Dr Joseph Muscat used to proudly state “the progressivi moderati” politics.

Clearly the puppeteers have been puppeteering the puppets of past and present in the running of the political puppetry !


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