Was AIDS brought forth thanks to human intervention through the polio vaccine? (1)

It is a mystery how AIDS came to be. It pits theories researchers and one tenacious journalist against one another and it rarely yields conclusions that satisfy all the investigators.

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) the virus that causes AIDS is well understood once it enters the human body but it is still unknown how it entered humans to become one of the worst plagues in history. Depending on who you ask either African monkey hunters or a polio vaccine administered to people in the Congo in the 1950s are to blame.

A documentary about the latter theory had its American premiere six years ago at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. “The Origins of AIDS” a film by Peter Chappell and Catherine Peix is based on the data presented by British journalist Edward Hooper in The River published in 1999. In it Hooper made the claim that the AIDS epidemic was started by one man’s involvement in the race to develop the polio vaccine which was supported by nearly two decades of research.[1]

Several scientists like Beatrice Hahn disagreed with Hooper pointing instead to bushmeat hunting as the culprit an African tradition in which hunters risk getting bitten or cut while capturing or preparing wild animals (including chimpanzees) for food.

The documentary’s main argument put forth by Hooper refutes the bushmeat hypothesis. Hooper questioned why if bushmeat hunting had been a historical activity the AIDS pandemic had only begun in the second half of the 20th century. In one of science’s most admirable projects — the eradication of polio — he discovered the solution.

The film profiles Dr. Hilary Koprowski an American scientist racing Dr. Albert Sabin and Dr. Jonas Salk to develop the polio vaccine primarily in the 1950s.

In the Belgian Congo Koprowski tested his oral vaccination. Hooper demonstrated a geographic correlation between the two by mapping the locations where the shots were administered and where the first AIDS cases appeared. Blood drawn in the Congo in 1959 revealed the first known case of HIV.

“The location coincides dramatically ” wrote Hooper on his website.“The earliest known cases of AIDS occurred in central Africa in the same regions where Koprowski’s polio vaccine was given to over a million people in 1957-1960.”

So how could a vaccine possibly infect humans with a monkey virus? The polio virus is shown in the documentary being grown in a soup of chopped-up monkey organs before it is turned into a vaccine. The footage is grainy old footage of white-coated lab scientists.

Hooper alleges that SIV was grown in the kidneys of chimpanzees infected with the virus during Koprowski’s vaccination campaign. The movie cites a historical example: during a different anti-polio campaign in the 1950s vaccines containing the monkey virus SV40 were administered to millions of people but no one became ill as a result of the shots.

This last part which states that no one became ill as a result of the shots is totally incorrect and disinformative. According to many researchers and scientists SV40-contaminated Salk polio vaccines have led to deaths from kidney and brain cancers of tens of millions of Americans.

Furthermore the evidence that HIV was created by the US DoD bioweapons program and its various research contractors is compelling and well-documented. See the works of Dr. Lorraine Day MD Dr. Robert Strecker MD Dr. Alan Cantwell MD and Dr. Len Horowitz among others. All of these issues were covered the book AIDS Exposed published in 1990. – ed.


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