A study showed that injectable aluminium in traditional vaccines is causing Parkinson Disease and Alzheimer.

Let me be very clear right up front from the beginning of this article on just what my motivation is in publishing this. I am pro-health pro-life and an avid believer in God. I firmly believe and I write this with responsibility that God created a perfect miracle: our body.

Blaming God for ailments diseases and sickness is outright wrong. Instead we must start questioning as to what has given birth to many diseases in the past some which are still with us up till this day and questioning what is creating diseases some of which we are told there aren’t any “cures” yet.
We have been brainwashed into believing that science has made great progress and we are now living a healthier life thanks to science. And yet Big Pharma has been and is still is behind this “science” and “progress” and this is the same Big Pharma which nations were asked to trust with with the Covid-19 vaccines. Now some people are waking up to the fact that these Covid-19 vaccines are a fraud and they are behind all the “sudden deaths” and the increase in the occurrence of cancers and other ailments that we are now seeing.

How shall we seek to heal those who suffered injuries from these bioweapons while asking for justice for all the criminals who caused this?
This is not just simply about money or about the fact that we have a criminal industry producing criminal products that are killing people. This is also about working together to bring the criminals to justice and bring down the entire criminal enterprise for good once and for all. With it all those who still support the system and earn their living or thousands or millions from such a criminal system must be brought down as well.

It is time to put a stop to all this and stop having people and children being injected with useless vaccines and that is not going to happen with these well-funded pro-vaccine voices who only speak out against the COVID-19 shots and not all the other vaccine products that have been maiming and killing children and adults for decades now.

Label me as an “anti-vaxxer” – I don’t care. I think it is time to start questioning traditional vaccines as well. As a start I advise you to read books written by Dr Sherri Tenpenny about the flu shots which show not only how dangerous they are but which also expose the fraud in the vaccine industry which has been going for decades now. The Covid-19 vaccines were just the cherry on the cake.

I know all the arguments especially that which is one of the fundamental pillars of medicine – that vaccines have saved lives and therefore cannot be questioned. In my opinion everything in science can and should be questioned.

According to Dr Bob Sears a paediatrician the FDA has never taken ingredients like aluminium formaldehyde thimerosal and acetone (which I have already dealt with) present in traditional vaccines and has never studied them individually so to make sure that they are 100% safe.

Once they sacrificed the animals and started looking inside their brains and spinal cords they found massive damage to motor neurons and thus Dr Shaw believes that aluminium in vaccines is creating the conditions for Parkinson Disease and Alzheimer Disease. This does not happen immediately but it takes twenty thirty forty years down the road.

This experiment and information can be found in Dr Shaw’s paper which he co-authored with Michael S. Petrik Margaret C. Wong Rena C. Tabata and Robert F. Garry which is entitled “Aluminium Adjuvant Induces Motor Neuron Death in Mice”[1]and in another paper which he co-authored with Michael S. Petrik entitled “Aluminium hydroxide injections lead to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration.”[2]. Upon its publication they were concerned because they thought it would produce a backlash. Instead it triggered a lot of silence from regulatory agencies which is a very safe position to take because if they wanted to counter argument what Dr Shaw et al have published they could have reached into their own folder and come up with their own studies and say that they are wrong.

Yet after all these years no medical regulatory agency has done that.

How safe are traditional vaccines and what other ailments are they causing?


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