The UK health agency has issued an advice urging the Britons to wear a mask when outside.

The Daily Mail continues to report that English hospitals are under pressure which is worse than at the height of Covid.

So much so that it reiterates that there are being delays for care caused by the NHS crisis which “are killing 500 patients every week with top doctors telling Britons that the situation is ‘much worse’ than the darkest days of the Covid pandemic.”[1]Of course it is much worse. There has never been a pandemic. Had it been a true pandemic hospitals would have been in the crisis they are now during Covid-19 whereas now after having the herds being injected with Covid-19 vaccines hospitals would not be under pressure and would be able to cater for all patients because as they told us Covid-19 is over. As you can all see it is the other way round – because the vaccinated herd now needs hospital care which is making doctors not being able to cater for them all besides other patients who might include the non-vaccinated who might need a booked surgery or other treatment. This is not the right time to need hospital treatment.

In another article the same media portal stated that “hundreds more Britons than expected are currently dying each week ” adding the statements of England’s chief medical officer Sir Chris Whitty and the Government’s top virus advisers which appeared in a “technical report” claiming that “Britain will face a ‘prolonged period’ of excess deathsdue to the pandemic – but not from coronavirus itself.”

According to Whitty “the nation faces a rising death toll from heart disease and cancer casesdue to pleas to protect the NHS.”[2]What is causing this rise in heart disease and cancer cases? Don’t we have written on black and white that the covid-19 vaccines are causing cardiac issues?

What is causing these cancer rates to skyrocket post-vaccination? Can we have a truthful scientific research done without being compromised by Big Pharma to find out the cause or causes?

Whitty also added that “Knock-on effects of dealing with Covid which saw thousands of routine treatments and appointments delayed will also fuel a surge in excess deaths.” This was part of this planned pandemic. People needing treatment had their appointment postponed thus aggravating their health. But in my opinion they are still coming up with excuses to cover up Covid-19 vaccine deaths. The plan is deceitful indeed.

Also we had the Mirror reporting back in 2020 that “a shocking 345 non-Covidpatients died of thirst in hospitals and care homes during the first lockdown” which is “48 per cent increase on the previous five-year average of 232 deaths from dehydration over the same timescale ” as “compiled by the UK Statistics Authority from a six-month study of non-Covid deaths between January and early July.”

What truly led hospitals and care homes to allow such patients to die of dehydration if it is now that hospitals are seeing the true crisis? According to Lesley Carter a nurse of Age UK “older people were left high and dry” because care services broke down care workers could not visit because either they were isolating themselves or could not obtain adequate PPE.

Covid-19 was a well planned and coordinated global effort to kill non-Covid patients to kill those who were allegedly told they had Covid to kill those who fell for the Covid-19 vaccines and to kill those who need treatment post-vaccination roll-out.[3]

According to the Daily Mail now in 2023 the UK is not only faced with another spread of Covid and the flu but now scarlet fever is also in the list which all are “‘circulating at high levels’ and are ‘likely’ to keep rising.”

So what did the health chiefs come up with? They advised that “unwell adults should stay at home and wear a mask if they have to go outside.” This advice was issued by the UK Health Security Agency which also urged parents to keep their child out of school or nursery if they are ill and have a high temperature – classed as 38C or more.”

After Germany the UK is the second country to have the return of face diapers when outside.


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