The media is also being used in the bug-eating agenda to prepare nations for this “turning point” in the food industry.

The Elite are doing their utmost to get you to eat bugs. They have made use of famous people like Nicole Kidman; they utilize the “news” the academic system and all its arsenal of strategies to persuade the nations to eat bugs. Why is there such a strong push to drastically alter our diets? Why do they want to put cockroaches in our mouths chew on their crunchy exterior and swallow their viscous green interior?

Some might argue that eating bugs is a cultural practice. That is accurate. However a lot of people think eating bugs is abhorrent.   So why are the world’s rulers so intent on having us eating cockroaches mealworms and crickets?

We must first accept one crucial fact to fully comprehend why the Elite want us to consume bugs: they want to re-evaluate what it means to be a human being on earth. They think we consume too many resources and have too many freedoms. The elite-owned organisation the World Economic Forum is leading this movement while looking to shape the future of humanity. It wants to redefine what it means to live on earth not just manage governments and economies.

In essence they treat us like cattle. They want to limit every aspect of our lives and also drastically reduce the number of resources we use. The bug-eating agenda enters the picture at this point. The global elite is defining what constitutes a “responsible” diet and stigmatizing those who eat meat by using buzzwords like “sustainability.” In the whole process they actively indoctrinate people to support eating bugs.

Indeed the bug-eating agenda is seeping through mass media which is preparing the nations for this “turning point” of eating insects as part of Agenda 2030 with the goal to normalize and glamorize the consumption of bugs.

The Guardian published an article entitled “Would you eat insects to save the planet from global warming?” because “reducing our meat intake is crucial to avoiding climate breakdown” and thus “edible insects have been hailed as a solution to both global food shortages and reducing emissions from animal agriculture”.  The portal cites new research from Switzerland and Germany which has found out how to persuade people to eat insects – switching “the message about saving the planet from altruism to pleasure”.[1]

The BBC is also pushing insects for food:

In another article entitled “Could crickets replace chicken and beef on supermarket shelves?”[2]the same BBC talked about a company called Bugvita/Instar as the first edible insect farm in Lincolnshire which is expressing hope that one day insect products would take the place of chicken and beef on supermarket shelves.  The company already produces flavour and powder-infused crickets for human consumption which can be added to bread energy bars and protein shakes.

Yahoo Finance reported that the West must wake up to edible insects because eating insects offers more protein does less damage to the environment and has the potential to remedy global hunger and food security issues.  The media portal cites the fact that about 2 million people around the world mostly across Africa Asia and South American countries who already eat more than 2 100 species of insects.[3]

According to the Daily Mail “scientists around the world have been working to develop more sustainable foods with wacky ideas ranging from 3D-printed meat-free steaks to edible insect burgers.” It delves into some of the most weird and wonderful foods of the future which could become menu staples by 2030 – as part of Agenda 2030.[4]These are lab-grown sausages and steak lab-grown latte 3D-printed Wagyu beef fungus ice-cream lab-grown foie-gras and edible insects.

The natural history museum also published an article delving into eleven extraordinary foods that we will be eating more of in the future.[5]These are jelly fish crisps and salad edible food packaging seaweed cell-cultured meat insects cacti grains and pseudocereals city-farmed seasonal produce plant based protein sustainable fish and genetically modified food (GM). Aren’t we already being made to consume GM food thanks to the criminal activities of Monsanto which is now known as Pharmacia which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Pfizer Inc. which together with its subsidiaries operates the Pharmaceuticals Business?

It is clear that the media is also helping in the push for the need to adopt bugs in our diet as one of the major pushes in the Great Reset Agenda so that the masses accept bugs as part of their daily lifestyle.


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