The Simblija Care Home temporary lockdown for seven days proves that the Covid emergency measures are still in place.

19thJanuary 2023 and the Simblija Care Home has gone to a seven day lockdown. Times of Malta informed us that this home a 153-bed facility for the elderly in Naxxar “has temporarily banned residents’ families from visiting after several COVID-19 cases were detected.”[1]

This ban is currently a temporary one for seven days being taken as a precaution “to prevent further cases from arising.”

“A spokesperson for the Simblija Care Home management team said that in response to some residents feeling unwell and testing positive for COVID the home implemented preventive measures to reduce the risk of cross infection and transmission of infectionand ensure the safety of all residents.
“We are in constant communication with the health authorities and all measures that have been implemented are in accordance with the health authorities’ COVID-19 standard policies and procedures and are endorsed by them ” the spokesperson said.”

It is apt to ask if they will lock us down again. Here they are locking the elderly residents of the said home for seven days with the permission of the health authorities. This means that these so called emergency measures are still in place as I had written in another blog entitled “Is the world moving towards a one jab per year policy?”[2]:

“What should be said is that so far none of the laws introduced in the past two years that have infringed upon our rights and freedoms have been removed. Thus the governments can activate them anytime while keeping them in place so they can flex their muscles and hit the button at any time and bring it all back again.”

Didn’t Dr Fearne promise the nation that Malta has won over Covid-19 and that we are in the exit roadmap in one of his many promises that are written in water?

Yet now one of the preventive actions that this elderly home has taken is the inclusion of “an isolation period to prevent further cases from arising.”
Weren’t the elderly people mandated to be vaccinated against Covid-19? Weren’t they promised that vaccination will help their lives return to normal and have their families visit them? Weren’t we told that vaccination will stop transmission? We all know that “MEP Rob Roos announced that Pfizer director has admitted in a Covid hearing in the European Parliament that the vaccine was never tested on preventing transmission”[3]. And in my blog “A quick scientific trip with Pfizer – how it started vs how it is going[4]” their blatant lies are loud and clear.

Weren’t only vaccinated visitors allowed in care homes?

“A daughter of one resident said staff informed her father that there were cases of COVID at the home. The cases were not on the floor where her father’s room is located but the ban affects the families of all residents.”

From what are these elderly people ill truly? To say that they have covid then they must have been tested with the bogus swab test again. For how long are we going to keep up with this farce of the bogus swab tests?

Aren’t the elderly people and workers in care homes together with visitors being made to wear masks which again are not working! Weren’t they all mandated to be vaccinated? Neither the vaccine nor the masks that are still mandated in elderly homes are working.

Or will they blame the relaxation of the measures and the non-vaccinated?

Will we hopefully see this measure in Simblija Home a one time measure only or will it continue infecting other homes to do the same?

The truth is that you shouldn’t even need to research at this point. Common sense should reveal the absolute absurdity of what is happening in the world right now.


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