A list of the over 4 MILLION adverse reactions report to the covid-19 jabs is on the WHO website.

This list makes up more than all the other jabs’ list in history combined. Take special note to notice that these so-called mRNA gene therapy injections are proven to cause GENETIC DISORDERS NERVOUS SYSTEM DISORDERS METABOLIC DISORDERS among others.
And this is only a part of the list. There are more disorders to this list apart from the ones which yet have to surface without forgetting the sudden deaths!

I am here adding just three screenshots with a few of these adverse reactions.

And yet our government remains silent. Our media remains silent. Dr Fearne and Profs Gauci who are on record stating that these Covid-19 vaccines are safe and blessing our screens with their presence for conferences are now dead silent about these adverse reactions.

Since Dr Fearne has now gained another position in his beloved WHO after being appointed Vice Chairman of the Global Leaders Group on antimicrobial resistance (pushing the Elite’s agenda comes with various gifts and prices) can he now publish a report on how many sudden deaths did the Covid-19 vaccines cause locally and how many side-adverse reactions did the same deadly vaccines cause to the Maltese herd which he brainwashed to line up for?

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