Instead of seeking to break the Constitution to pave the way for abortion Fearne should seek to amend the Maltese legislation which makes vaccines mandatory for babies and children.

In another blog[1]whereby I referred to the EHCI report I quoted Dr Fearne’s comments to TVM which read:

“We went back ten places since we do not offer the termination of pregnancies. We have more children with serious medical problems… and that puts us behind.” Why is he not seeing into what is causing this rise of serious medical problems in children?

Firstly why doesn’t he ban products which contain the toxic PFAS chemicals which studies have shown to create birth defects among other serious health issues as I have already written about?[2]Why doesn’t he ban the high level of fluoride and other chemicals in our drinking water and other beverages processed food toothpaste and dietary prescription supplements?

Secondly why doesn’t he see into the fact that Maltese legislation enforces on parents the responsibility to immunize their child against a number of vaccine preventable diseases? Because Fearne is more into breaking the Constitution and bypassing the law to pave the way for abortion so that he gains more favourable positions in the WHO which wants us to talk to people about the benefits of vaccines but then he is not ready to question mandatory vaccinations which Maltese children are given the minute they are born!

Are these “serious medical problems” in children being created by these same vaccines which the Maltese children are given against diphtheria tetanus poliomyelitis pertussis HIB hepatitis A and B measles mumps pneumococcal varicella rotavirus HPV and meningitis with girls being given the mandatory vaccine for rubella too? In addition it is up to the Health Minister or Superintendent of Public Health to add any other mandatory vaccine on the immunization schedule from time to time deciding what is mandatory for your children without your consent! In fact in June 2020 both the meningitis ACWY and meningitis B vaccines were added to this schedule. Were you ever shown their ingredients?

Aren’t vaccines a racket for Big Pharma to create more medical conditions so that you turn into its eternal customers loaded with medicine which it itself creates while it continues to make billions in profit?

Why aren’t parents given a choice instead of being mandated to have their children loaded on Big Pharma’s conveyor’s belts to mess with their natural immune system perfectly created by God? Didn’t God create perfection being perfection Himself?

Now please don’t counter argue with the fact that I was vaccinated for everything when I was myself a baby toddler and a teenager and now I am healthy! I don’t consider myself 100% healthy. Firstly I live in a grid which is run by the Elite and their puppets like all of us. Secondly in my twenties I suffered from a lot of ailments which the medical field could not find a clue as to the cause. I had to be my own doctor and do a long detox program to regain my health. Thirdly a biopsy had also concluded that I have a permanent stomach lining damage and a permanently inflamed oesophagus. The medical field had told me that there is no solution and does not know as to what is the cause. Fourthly the older I got the more intolerant I have grown to a lot of food. It was only thanks to personal studies continuous research eliminating a lot of food minding what I eat and at what time I eat fasting sports and shifting to natural therapies including colon cleansing that I managed to improve my health.

Unless parents opt to vaccinate their children at the Immunisation Centers of Floriana or Victoria Gozo they have to immunize privately at a private medical practitioner who must also inform the Superintendent that s/he has vaccinated that child privately within one month of doing so. A senior police officer has also the responsibility to inform parents within seven days upon the child’s birth registration that that child has to be immunised.
This means that since birth you are marked like cattle and your biological property is already registered in a national system with your government having access to your medical records. In this way you have been made to become a product of Big Pharma Inc & Co et al since birth.

According to the Maltese law in case that a child is not vaccinated the parents risk court proceedings being instituted against them. So much for you having a choice in a democracy. No you are not given a choice. The Commissioner of Police has the authority to take legal action against parents who do not vaccinate their children. Such proceedings may also be initiated if parents fail to provide their child with boosters of vaccines that the Superintendent deems necessary.

The law not only emphasizes the importance of vaccinating children but it also mandates follow-up boosters. After the Superintendent or a medical officer acting on her behalf sends a written notice that a child has not been vaccinated the Commissioner of Police brings the case before the court of Magistrates. If the Court determines that the child has not been properly immunized the Court may order that the child be immunized within a certain time frame.

Clearly basic human liberties are contingent upon consumption of products from a giant corrupt criminal pharmaceutical company that is in bed with the government who shields it from liability from their customers which makes criminal products off taxpayer money but are given to you for free by Dr Fearne and his government.

And yet Fearne and his government want to take Malta higher in the EHCI ranking by introducing abortion in our country while continuing to make you submit your children to injections which will continue to place another brick in the wall of the prison we are building around our children turning them into a hub of consumers with medical problems for Big Pharma Inc & Co et al.


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