According to Dr Lowry peer-reviewed studies are underreporting the truth about the Covid vaccines and only autopsies will unravel the truth about the sudden deaths.

Robert Lowry M.D. is a musculoskeletal and concussion expert who has been in practice for over 25 years. Dr Lowry has stated that he’s seen an increase in young patients — adults under the age of 40 —coming to him with neurological problems and with issues ranging from severe headaches to Bell’s palsy to strokes[1] in patients that have been vaccinated.

As a result he believes these neurological issues are caused by the Covid-19 vaccine.

In pointing to a 2021 Clinical Immunology article[2]that examined vaccine injury data from Mexico whereby researchers discovered that only about 1% of people who had received the first Pfizer dose had experienced adverse neurological events Lowry stated that this figure is likely underreported[3]by a factor of ten. And even if it is correct he insists the percentage of adverse neurological events is simply too high to justify vaccination in otherwise healthy young adults.

This is why we are in a stage that no peer-reviewed study about the Covid-19 vaccines can be endorsed when it comes to percentages and statistics. Being funded by Big Pharma they are underreporting facts.

According to Our World in Data approximately 12.2 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccines have been administered worldwide.

Sixty-six percent of the population has received one dose. If two-thirds of the world’s population receives one dose that equates to about 5.3 billion people. One percent of the 5.3 billion people who have received one of these doses will experience a post-vaccination neurological event which equals 53 million people. This means that 53 million people have most likely already suffered neurological harm because of these vaccines.
Dr Lowry thinks that the risk-benefit analysis for young people who were injected with the Covid-19 vaccines do not add up.

What is adding up quickly however is young otherwise healthy adults dying suddenly and unexpectedly. Young people are dying suddenly in numbers that we have never seen before.

Of course these deaths may be self-inflicted or due to drug overdoses or due to other health issues. However there is no question that we have indeed seen a sharp increase in age-inappropriate Sudden Adult Deaths since the roll-out of the vaccines.

Dr Lowry explained that some people have immediate reactions some have delayed reactions and some do not react for months or even a year. The Mexican data only looked at injuries that occurred after the first dose. However Lowry stated that after the second dose doctors are seeing many more severe reactions as well as neurological and cardiac injuries micro-clots in the brain that cause neuron necrosis; myocarditis pericarditis and other heart damage and vasculitis.

According to Lowry the issues are exacerbated by something he refers to as immuno-sensitivity:

““After the second dose is when I see a lot of folks who come to me ” he said. “They notice something within minutes of getting that second dose. Something was wrong and it just snowballs from there. Their immune system was essentially sensitized from the first dose. So when they get the second one it’s much worse. That’s when it’s the immune system that’s been fiddled with. You get hypersensitive and you get a hypersensitive reaction to the second dose. It’s like a bee sting. The first time somebody is stung by a bee generally they don’t have an allergic reaction. But people who are allergic to bee stings get sensitized by the first one but have their hypersensitivity reaction to the second one.”

Thus Dr Lowry concluded that the only way to find out what is causing these unexplained deaths is by doing autopsies which can determine where the vaccines’ spike protein present has clustered in the body before death.

Lowry added that an experienced medical examiner who does an autopsy can put in a marker to look specifically for  mRNA from the vaccineto see where it has accumulated; can examine every one of the cadaver’s organs to look and see what has happened to it asking questions like “Was the spike protein or the vaccine mRNA just in the vasculature or was it also in the parenchyma?

“We should be doing autopsies on every one of these young people ” Lowry insisted. “If we did we would know for sure within 6 months what is actually going on.”

And yet there is ongoing silence. Such silence can only be broken in the tomb.


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