Profs Simon Mercieca is called a liar while Lovin Malta pushes the agenda of the gayyaġni while attacking River of Love: Lovin Malta reacts.

Profs Simon Mercieca gives everyone the right to speak and write on this site. A few of us are daily contributors. Then there are those who because they are under attack from the mainstream media and its agenda they find solace in this site so that they can express and defend themselves.

So was the case with Pastor Gordon Manche who wanted to share his views in his piece whereby he explained that in his founded Christian fellowship “River of Love” conversion therapy is neither practised nor “marketed” and that there is no existence of such therapy.

Now I am not going to elaborate on what makes people homosexuals lesbians and bisexuals. I prefer to remain neutral about these discussions. Some point at medical issues via vaccines given to the mother; some at vaccines given to babies which alter their hormonal composition; some point at abuse sexual and non which lead to these individuals to numb their pain through a sexual orientation change; some point at demonic possessions; some point at phases whereby one wants to try and be adventurous; some point that this is a personal choice. I do not want to comment. For me it is a mystery if they are born that way or not. I am not here to judge.

I had a friend who was bi. He originally was interested in just women and dated women. Then he started sleeping with men and at one point he was sleeping with both genders. He used to tell me that it is because he wanted to be adventurous. Only years later through therapy with a psychologist he went down through the dark abysses of his traumas buried in his subconscious and found out that he had been abused sexually by a man at a younger age. This friend is now no longer bi and he is in a stable relationship with a woman. He healed his trauma and found his compass.

All people are to be loved. What I am against is the LGBTIQA+ agenda pushed by governments the liberal the woke the leftists and the mainstream media so that it suppresses and overtakes all those who are not part of the LGBTIQA+ contest. Yet I stand my ground to say that God created us men and women so I endorse heterosexual relationships only. And while condemning any promiscuous behaviour in all types of sexual relationships which might have damaging repercussions like unwanted babies and sexually transmitted diseases I do not judge anyone. One of my best friends is homosexual and he is very dear to me.

But according to Lovin Malta the claim that this pastor does not practise conversion therapy is to be made fun of and “any claims that they do are barefaced lies.” Because it is fine for Lovin Malta to spread its lies in its woke and liberal propaganda but then others who are under the media’s attack cannot explain themselves. So in Lovin Malta’s opinion pastor Gordon Manche is a liar because he is accusing the mainstream media of making claims which are barefaced lies. How hypocritical of the media!

These liberals and woke are truly the disease of our society and no medicine can liberate us from them! No one except those who trumpet their agenda have a right to speak but other groups don’t have such a right! They hate freedom of speech they label anything which they don’t agree with as “hate speech” they hate the traditional structure of what constitutes a family they hate babies they hate life they hate women and they hate Christians Christianity and Christ.

“River of Love” is a fellowship which gathers people who want to pray listen to biblical teachings enjoy an outing or coffee together. Some might have wanted to find support and feel a sense of belonging in a community because the rest of the world offered none of this. So what is the problem? Other than that leave the judgment to God. It is not for you to judge whether this fellowship is one or not. You might agree or disagree with it. If you do not want to attend no one is obliging you.

And this applies to Lovin Malta and all the local media whose journalists should either come up with sturdy investigative journalistic reports or else unless they themselves have attended “River of Love” and have proof of what they write then they should not be bad-mouthing this community. Instead they push one propaganda using spins while indoctrinating the masses. Because truly they want to protect the LGBTIQA+ and “gayyaġni” agenda in their weaponised usage of information control. What a shameful and lousy media!

Had “River of Love” been a woke or liberal community I can assure you that Lovin Malta and the local media brigade is doing one promotion after the other! But no they are doing their best to browbeat the Christians. And because Matthew Grech mentioned a 2019 film called “Once Gay” which has been widely condemned by LGBTIQA+ activists “as inaccurate unscientific and prejudicial against gay people” then we massacre Matthew Grech and “River of Love” the new victims and targets of the media after Fr David Muscat Fr Luke Seguna and the Dominican Priory of St Albert the Great College.

As you can see you cannot mention a different viewpoint which differs from that of the woke the liberal the leftist and the LGBTIQA+ agenda in this timeline of communism! Maltese laws are denting our freedom of speech. Everybody has a right to his personal opinion and that means not only the right to hold one but also to express it! The rest is dictatorship. We are a liberal country as long as you agree with the woke the liberal and the leftists. Doesn’t Matthew Grech have a right to express his opinion?

Now one might argue that his actions could create homophobia and confusion in gay teenagers with lasting psychological damage. Maybe. But questioning oneself is part of existentialism and it is by questioning ourselves that we find ourselves and we get to know ourselves. The same argument can be said for a great number of men and women who changed sex (surgically and via hormones) and have regretted their actions leading to depression and even suicide. And so is grooming our kids as bad!

Matthew Grech has a right to express himself and he has a right to preach what he believes in! If homosexuality is sinful or not that is for God to decide. With this reasoning and court cases being allowed by the government we will end up in a stage where not even a priest can preach the word of God anymore because the atheists will get offended! But then we have to listen to theirs and live according to their ways with their choice of pronouns and this and that!

This is the persecution of Christians. This is the abolition of freedom of speech. This is censorship. Here is priest Fidelis Moscinski being arrested and who is facing trials for campaigning against abortion outside an abortion clinic in Pennsylvania. If convicted over felony charges he would potentially face 16 years of prison:

Unfortunately the local masses still believe the lousy media and call Simon Mercieca a liar apart from an endless list of other names which equals to everything that is published on this site is a lie.

Using the mainstream media articles to support your arguments is like saying you are a marine biologist because you watch Sponge Bob Squarepants. “Only an educated and informed people will be a free people” (John F. Kennedy).

We are living in the occult phrase “as above so below” stage of inversion where the lie has become the truth and the truth has become the lie. One day many will hang their heads in shame when they realise the evil they defended and the heroes they ridiculed.

After the publication of this article Tim Diacono who is the journalist who wrote the article on Lovin Malta’s site sent a right of reply which is being published in its entirely underneath:

I refer to the above article that you published today. In your eagerness to smear Lovin Malta you completely misunderstood my article or else you just decided to put words in my mouth based solely on your wrong interpretation of a Facebook caption. As the article clearly shows the quote “And any claims that they do are barefaced lies” is NOT attributable to myself or Lovin Malta but is a direct quote by pastor Gordon Manche himself. Even by simply reading the Facebook post the quotation marks show it is clearly intended as a continuation of his quote in the title: “River of Love never engaged in conversion therapy”. ie. “River of Love never engaged in conversion therapy… and any claims that they do are barefaced lies”. However you maliciously twisted those words around and told people that I am calling Gordon Manche a liar myself. That is not only irresponsible and extremely hypocritical but also defamatory. I expect the article to be removed or amended accordingly.

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