In an interview Moderna Ceo Stefan Bansel has announced a new mRNA injection for the treatment of patients with heart failure.

Bancel: “We are now in a super exciting program where we inject mRNA in people’s heart after a heart attack to grow back new blood vessels and re-vascularize the heart.”

Reporter: “The irony of COVID is that it really has in some ways allowed you to go and develop these other areas because of the revenues that came through the door.”

Bancel: “You’re 100% right”

Ironically he called this vaccine as being part of “science-fiction science”.

The truth is that since the Covid-19 vaccines (the problem) were rolled out the number of heart attacks (reaction) have increased insanely. What is their solution? Create another vaccine.

So first they caused massive heart attacks in people and now they have decided to finish off the survivors.

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