Why I will never grant amnesty.

I will not grant amnesty to anyone who is in one way or another directly or indirectly involved in the formation of Covid-19 and anything related to its agenda and to anyone who in one way or another has contributed to its fruition and aftermath – from mass depopulation to the Great Reset to inflation to an economical collapse to the fourth industrial revolution to the pushing agenda of the woke and a totalitarian control of humanity.
I do not care who they are how wealthy they are what position they have in society whether they are part of secret societies or not whether they are dangerous or not and whether they are powerful or not.

I also do not care if any one who was on the frontline advocating Covid-19 did so with the necessary information in the pocket or not because I will not accept the statements “I knew but I had to obey the orders” or “I did not know but I was just following orders”.

I want a huge mass international pandemic tribunal. I want justice. I want truth.

I want that this tribunal will also get all the lies that we have been given for many years exposed and that the house of cards falls down with all the exposure. Then the rest will be new history where humanity will have another 1000 years of peace and where everything has to be rewritten and redone: historical medical and geographical books science medicine schooling banking and anything that the Elite empire has imposed on society. We are being lied to about our reality but the Elite and their puppets think that we are too stupid to figure it out.

The system they have built for us must fall and the corruption crisis must die with it. Abundance will flourish on earth and there will be no poverty no discrimination no suffering no diseases no debt and tax slavery for humanity. I want humanity to be free – free from having weird psychos dictating how it must live as if they own the world.

Will the world see all this? I do not know. I hope so. I pray so.

So no I will not grant any amnesty because thanks to their deceitful plan and their lies my healthy father who obeyed the government and wore the mask 24×7 as long as he can keep enjoying his much loved social life could not be properly diagnosed by his doctor when he felt ill due to the social distancing lie.

No I will not grant any amnesty because thanks to their deceitful plan and their lies my healthy father was not treated properly in hospital and instead was sent home to take panadols and quarantine only to be accepted for admission by the same hospital four days later when he got worse.

No I will not grant any amnesty because thanks to their deceitful plan and their lies my healthy father who never smoked who hardly had a beer in his life who was an athlete and who was voted as the top referee of all times was put on the brink of an untimely death due to a deadly Covid19 protocol together with a cocktail of different deadly concoctions which he was given intravenously. The images of him lying intubated on his death bed surrounded by machines with his arms twitching impulsively are still fresh in my mind up to this day.

No I will not grant any amnesty because thanks to their deceitful plan and their lies I had to witness what was going on in hospital to anyone who was allegedly being treated for Covid-19 in ITU. The first time I was on my way to hospital to see dad God had told me “I am giving you the authority to have eyes to see what they are doing in there.” And I witnessed while observing with scrutinizing eyes what they were doing in a quiet empty hospital where panic was completely absent.

No I will not grant any amnesty because thanks to their deceitful plan and their lies I was told twice that my healthy father had only 24 hours to live since his lungs were in a state of no return his blood was coagulating and his kidneys and liver were severely damaged.

No I will not grant any amnesty because thanks to their deceitful plan and their lies I spent two dreadful months hardly sleeping and hardly eating while dreading that moment when the phone rang while losing all my income since I was in a job where I got paid on commission and where I did not have any basic salary.

No I will not grant any amnesty because thanks to their deceitful plan and their lies together with their vaccine mandate I lost a job I had been into for only three months after being without income for six months because I refused to comply with such a mandate.

My life was turned upside down between 2020 and 2022 thanks to their deceitful plan and their lies. Some experiences we go through in life shape us forever. From some experiences in life we do not recover or heal – we just adjust to a different reality. I had a hard life since a child. These last two years continued with the top-up.

Is my life better or worse? I cannot answer this. Maybe one day when I look back I will understand and I might be able to answer. All I know is that I have changed drastically. The metamorphosis in me was radical and drastic and there are pieces in me and in myself that are still on the mend.
But I remind them that they tried to mess up with the father of the wrong woman.

And even though I became a punchbag for bad tongues; even though along the way I have generally found lack of support even by those who should have been supporting me because for them being a doctor carries more authority while I am a commoner; even though when I was fired from work no one offered support in any way; even though because of my decision to not attend the protests for valid reasons I was taken badly by some and I was told that by writing I am not doing anything special; even though I was told that I should seek employment with a local mainstream media portal because I would be of a greater asset there; even though I was completely ignored from the local mainstream media when I asked them to publish the story of my dad; even though the government tried to discredit my credibility and my writings by taking my parents on tv and even though for many I am just one insignificant individual of the “lesser gender” writing blogs which are futile I do not blink an eye I do not falter. When I know I am on the right path I happened to be positively stubborn.

When the winds blow I do not change route but I adjust the sails.

I am a lone wolf with a conscious self-isolation from a world that I refuse to belong to while leading a solitary life that reflects the truth that I seek.
And while maybe I am regarded as a dirty bag by some I am not here to oppose the misled or anyone who thinks is not being misled for that matter. I am not here either to prove something or to receive a standing ovation. I am here to state the Truth while exposing evil in the quest to open the hearts and the minds of those who want it for an individual transformation leading to a collective transformation leading to the transformation of the whole world. I am here to help people see what they don’t see yet so as to support the progress because we need each other to traverse new territories.

I will keep on fighting by speaking up and doing anything to which I am called because it is time for humanity to be given justice for all that has been done to it and all that is being done to it in this unique moment in history.

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