We have read that President George Vella is planning to resign due to the latest draft law which opens the door for abortion.
I would like to take the readers to a few years back when President Vella had also criticised the IVF Bill which Joseph Muscat had passionately defended describing it as being about equality and that it is not about health or technical amendments. Well the IVF Bill did undergo amendments that made Eugenics part of the Maltese law!

It was back in 2018 when President George Vella a former labour minister at the time had branded the IVF bill “a complete travesty of ethics morality and human dignity allegedly to remove ‘discrimination’ imposed by nature herself”.[1]

Furthermore he questioned why the government was embarking on a “slippery slope” in order to fulfill “the utopic promise of equality.” On Twitter the former foreign minister had railed against the government’s plan to introduce embryo freezing and adoption.

Muscat’s Bill unveiled by Health Minister Chris Fearne who is also the same minister who is pushing for abortion and who is also the same minister who marketed the lethal Covid-19 injections had also sought to widen access to treatment for same-sex couples. Muscat and Fearne were already bowing their heads to the New World Order and the world that this order wants to create. Abela has now joined the duo.

It is also important to note that President George Vella was already warning about the introduction of abortion in Malta:

“Dr Vella’s outburst followed an opinion piece published last month in the Times of Malta in which he had sounded the alarm bells against the introduction of abortion in Malta.

On that occasion the former minister who is also a retired specialist in family medicine had voiced concern on the government’s intention to remove safeguards against the unborn from the domestic violence Bill.”

At the time even opposition MP Edwin Vassallo had raised concerns that children born through embryo adoption would be “orphans from conception”.

“He added that those who have the right to life at heart may be required to take to the streets to convey the message that this Bill is an attempt to promote the “culture of death”.”

“The outspoken MP is no stranger to controversy having already defied the party line by voting against same-sex marriages last summer. Mr. Vassallo also stood out for being the only legislator who last January voted against a domestic violence Bill that he said opened the door to abortion by removing safeguards against the unborn.”

“In his reaction Mr. Vassallo argued that it was quite ironic for the government to justify these changes on the grounds that it wanted to do away with discriminatory practices against same-sex couples.”

He had said: “In its frenzy to appease the gay lobby the government is discriminating against children.”

Actually the government was not appeasing the gay lobby. Instead it was taking orders from the Deep State so that as per the changes that the New World Order of the Deep State dictates homosexual marriages are legalized whereas monogynous marriages are slowly phased out.

Vassallo had added: “Government is ignoring the right of adopted children to know the identity of their biological parents.”

Mr Vassallo and President George Vella are at the forefront amongst a few others attacking and opposing this liberal and woke agenda of the New World Order.

President George Vella is in a more uncomfortable position being the President. I admire his continuous refusal to sign and agree with any amendments that this arrogant leftist woke liberal government is coming up with. The PN is no less.

In my opinion President George Vella’s plan to resign is a sign of utter courage while giving a clear message to the liberals and the woke that he is not there to accept their games especially those of the government which is slowly changing Malta into a niche of the hyper masonic new world order.


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