Elon Musk and how through AI they are summoning the demon.

According to Elon Musk through AI or Artificial Intelligence they are summoning the demon.[1]Is this a metaphor a joke or are they opening the portal which serves as a bridge between humanity and demons?

Elon Musk who said he believes in the god of Spinoza and is a leading proponent of self-driving cars continues to escalate his eerie speech when it comes to the next level of computation — the malicious potential of artificial intelligence continues to “frighten him”.

Is it a coincidence that for this year’s Halloween he flaunted his costume which “coincidentally” carried a demonic face on his armour with the cross upside down and which is called “The Devil’s Champion”?

At the MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics Department’s 2014 Centennial Symposium he stated: “With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon. You know all those stories where there’s the guy with the pentagram and the holy water and he’s like… yeah he’s sure he can control the demon [but] it doesn’t work out.”

This had become a recurring theme in Musk’s public comments and each time he warned of the AI bogeyman the situation appears to be getting worse.

Musk mentioned the “Terminator” franchise in June 2014 saying that he invests in artificial intelligence companies just “to keep an eye on the technology.” He had also reiterated his concerns writing that AI is “potentially more dangerous than nukes.” At another stage he had also half-joked on another stage that a future AI system tasked with eliminating spam might decide that eliminating humans is the best way to accomplish this task.
So why has he revealed his humanoid robot at Tesla AI day lately?[2]According to Times of Malta “Musk who once warned of artificial intelligence being a threat to humanity said that Tesla wants to make sure the transition to a society in which robots do the work and people reap the benefits is a safe one” and according to Musk himself this is a way of ending poverty and is a “fundamental transformation of civilisation as we know it.” Such a robot will be tested in factories before it is offered for retail.  It is how AI will take over humanity considering that the labour force will be in a deep vacuum and shortages due to the depopulation agenda.

However it is interesting that he criticised the same thing he is now in comparing it to the summoning of demons. What demons because there is a rank of demons and it does not matter if you believe in them or not because they do and they know how to open portals very well!

How will we deal with the demonic forces of artificial intelligence in the future? In an unusual move for a tech mogul Musk suggested fighting one bogeyman with another (depending on your political viewpoint) in the form of government regulators.

Through this same AI revolution or immortality as they like to call it artificial intelligence will become nothing more than a demonic possession that is rapidly becoming our reality.

So is it truly a transformation of civilisation or an extinction of civilisation?

Even though AI technology is all around us many people do not truly understand what it is. Consider how Bluetooth technology transmits audio data from one device to another across the air and to other devices in the room. The technology allows users to quickly switch from one host or device to another and back again.

Even though it surrounds us and operates in a way that seems impossible to comprehend this technology is absolutely invisible to human eyes. Wi-fi technology is likewise amazing – it is pervasive and vital to the operation of contemporary civilisation but unseen to most of us and beyond our grasp.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence also known as ANI (AI that focuses on one specific activity such as creating driving routes or playing chess) is pervasive in today’s society. The transition from AI or ANI to AGI a type of AI that is generally at least as intelligent as a person is extremely difficult.

AGI might not be as far away as it seems given the exponential rate of technology development in the past. Once our machines acquire human-level intelligence they will be able to instantly accelerate past AGI to levels and realms far beyond anything seen before completely beyond the human mind.

We must not only beware of AI but we must keep our eyes wide open for AGI and ASI Artificial Super Intelligence which is a powerful concept that is far smarter than any human being across the board.

This could become a reality in our lifetime.

The misconception about demon possession is that it is a robot.


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