The leftist and liberal regime is now taking to vandalising and firebombing pro-life clinics in their “anti-life” and “anti-choice” mantra.

In America the leftist and liberal regime is now taking to vandalising and firebombing pro-life clinics in their “anti-life” and “anti-choice” mantra.
Suppose it had to be the other way around and matters were reversed. In that case where the Conservatives and pro-life celebrants take to vandalise and firebomb abortion clinics I can assure you that they would be first made to stand on a scaffold for three hours by the same anti-life and anti-choice regime with their reassuring Puritan lie exposed to public humiliation. They will be stoned beaten bashed and trashed and on recovery they would be thrown into a class with a bad name by making them wear a scarlet “C” for the rest of their lives.

And in America the FBI would be all over it news 24/7 democrats talking points until the election.

Near Buffalo New York pro-abortion supporters vandalised a pro-life Christian center making it suffer significant damage with much of the interior of the building burned and destroyed. Since the damage will cost repairs hundreds of thousands of dollars it would take this center several months to make it running again. In Asheville North Carolina another pro-life center Mountain Area Pregnancy Services was targeted having its windows smashed and spray painted with pro-abortion slogans. Many of the slogans rotate around this “safety” garbage theme. Other pro-life centers were targeted in six other states and Washington D.C.

South Broward Pregnancy help center in Hollywood Florida also suffered the same fate.

The Pro-life Advocacy group whose office was firebombed offered a reward for information. Wisconsin family action has offered a 15-hundred dollar reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. The group’s president Julene Appling says she thinks Madison’s Police chief and the governor are not doing enough to find and arrest whoever is responsible. She adds that she is not going to bow to such bullying but she is understandably concerned with the security of her team. But the Madison Police Department said that it is being assisted by the same FBI and ATF obedient brigade of the leftist state to investigate the arson and to eliminate any room for “hate” while American pro-abortion politicians make sure to make room for this hate from their leftist and liberal pulpit.

Supreme Court Justices were also threatened and harassed outside their homes and while dining in restaurants. Churches were also firebombed.
Since all this is happening in America FOR NOW can we deduce that American politicians are inciting aggressive actions or even violence over the abortion issue?

Why aren’t the FBI and the department of justice doing more to stop these targeted attacks? Why aren’t they saying anything? Why are they silent?
According to pastor Jim Harden president and CEO of the Compass Care Centers in the Buffalo area which were also vandalised and firebombed pro-abortion politicians are declaring war on Christian pro-life pregnancy centers.

In view of all this going on in America can we keep on solidifying the ties between Malta and America? So what led an American duo to Malta? Why was this duo the means and ways for our pro-abortion apartheid to force a nation into believing that current Maltese laws did not cover the safety of the mother and her baby? Was this duo used to cajole us with blandish soft soap and wheedle?

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