The government has now confirmed that it is working for the World Economic Forum and the architects of the Deep State validating and endorsing what this site has been warning the public throughout – Agenda 2030 and its true covert implications.

We also had AD back in 2015 proclaiming that “all new private cars sold in Maltashould be electric by  2030 and a light rail system should be constructed across the major roadarteries.” It is funny how they all come up with the same deadline and the same “solutions”.

And on 28th November 2021 the government aided by the Sunday Times of Malta published a long document entitled “ GreenTransport” with a variety of topics like “Becoming climate leaders:

Decarbonising transport for a better greener Malta” by minister Ian Borg “Supporting the growth of a sustainable aviation sector” by Karmenu Vella “EV a return to the future” by Pierre P. Vella and “ Green Growth fosters a multi-disciplinary platform” by Jeannette Axisa. Among slogans we find “Make a conscious decision. Go Green!” and “Think Different Think Electric.”

Agendas like these are not something that were conceived last year. They have been in the making for quite some time. They are just now being given the last push on the labour and delivery beds. Environment and Energy Minister Miriam Dalli has joined this bandwagon launching a document on the guidelines of the NWO and the WEF with 42 targets that should be achieved by 2030 and five strategic goals which include: “transitioning to a climate-neutral economy sustainable urban development and the preservation of cultural heritage ensuring health and well-being and accelerating the digital transformation of smart mobility and connectivity.”

I have already dwelt in detail on the topics of electric cars smart cities carbon footprint carbon tax and other topics related to Agenda 2030 which will continue to trap humanity in a controlling totalitarian system en masse. In the future I will explain more in detail with historical input.

After massacring rural spaces in order to build more roads to accommodate more cars the government is now adamant to dramatically “reduce car use” increase “the percentage of people who exercise” in its quest to reduce the number of people using cars by 41% compared to 1990 while aiming to introduce around 65 000 electric vehicles which include plug-in hybrids by 2030.”

What a joke! If the government wants to increase the percentage of people who exercise which is something that I do not see happening in this layabout country why wasn’t exercise and healthy eating mandated during Covid-19 instead of having gyms and fitness centers closed? Why were people ordered to lock themselves up indoors only to be allowed out as long as they wear a muzzle with the health hazards that this procured? During Covid-19 the air was only allowed to circulate in an ongoing loop that started from your mouth back to your lungs to the kidneys and back to your mouth having your bodies loaded with a spill of carbon monoxide!

If the government is suddenly interested in a healthy nation why did it have muzzled people line up on the conveyor’s belts so that they are pricked with the life-shortening needle at the checkout of the Angel of Death store in order to keep the cosmic balance leveled by claiming the souls who are being sent to death by his advocates and acolytes?

If the government is truly interested in a healthy nation why did it offer lethal injections as the only “solution” for Covid-19?

If the government is truly interested in a healthy nation why aren’t holistic natural cheaper solutions offered for illness recovery?

If the government is suddenly interested in a healthy nation why did it have muzzled people line up outside and inside shops obediently standing straight on those “keep 2m distance floor stickers” in the return of Communism timeline?

If the government is suddenly interested in a healthy nation why did it allow our elderly to be locked up unseen and unvisited by their loved ones who were relieved once they could do so behind the perspex divisory screen like captives behind plexiglass at Corradino?

If the government is suddenly interested in a healthy nation why do we still find unhealthy food being not only sold cheaper than healthy food but also available in stores?

If the government is suddenly interested in a healthy nation why do we have unhealthy food being sold in various companies’ schools’ and even Mater Dei’s canteens? Why are there chocolate bars and pop and chip machines in hospitals?

If the government is suddenly interested in a healthy nation can it explain what is the rest of the food outside the “Health Food Section” in stores called?

If the government is suddenly interested in a healthy nation and a better climate why is it allowing planes to spray us like bugs which is not only one of the ways of manipulating the weather via HAARP, geoengineering and cloudseeding but which is also making people sick? Can the government clarify by whose permission is it allowing this secret chemtrail spraying program which has been going on for years now?

If the climate is truly at the heart of the government and its pro-environment movement brigade why weren’t they concerned with the damaging environmental and marine effects that the cloth and synthetic muzzles procured?

If the government is truly interested in the climate why is it pushing for zero-emissions electric cars whose one battery production requires the burning of 1000ltrs of fuel in 12 hours to move 250 tonnes of the earth which is utterly devastating for the same environment which the government is making you think that you will protect by feeling smug and bragging about your zero-emissions electric car? Without forgetting the illegal child labour there is behind all this? But the EU grants must be utilised.

The modus operandi full of double standards of this government continues to amaze me. It has become an expert in offering “solutions” after unleashing theOrbo ad Chaocrusade full of Military and Masonic skilled obeying units of the Orders of the Temple (The Knights Templar) in their distinctive white mantles with a red cross while bowing happily to this fraternal order affiliated with Freemasonry.

We don’t need to go far to understand from who is the government taking orders.

“The World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling for the end of private car ownership in the name of saving the world from climate change by reducing the need for green tech resources.”

WEF calls for an end to private car ownership – The Counter Signal

“We need a clean energy revolution and we need it now ”the WEF begins its article entitled “3 circular approaches to reduce demand for critical minerals”.

3 circular approaches to reduce demand for critical minerals | World Economic Forum (

“To enable a broader transition from ownership to usership the way we design things and systems need to change too… A design process that focuses on fulfilling the underlying need instead of designing for product purchasing is fundamental to this transition. This is the mindset needed to redesign cities( Are cars an urban design flaw? Cities advance car-free zones | World Economic Forum ( to reduce private vehicles ( New research ranks the 12 best ways to cut car use in cities – Energy Post) and other usages.”

The ‘You will own nothing and be happy’ agenda is well underway and it is all going stumbled upon the global government forum “by accident”.

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