The Court of Appeal in the UK ruled that babies with Down’s Syndrome can be aborted up until birth. This confirms that disabled people are not really considered equal to the rest

No government will try to make us think otherwise and the Maltese government is trying to deviate the Maltese nation from the truth that it is opening the doors for abortion in Malta breaking the Constitution.

I remind the public that Prime Minister Robert Abela is on record declaring that he is against abortion and I remind the public that ex-Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is on record on tv stating that if his daughter had to fall pregnant and wants to commit abortion he would not stop her. Thus after resigning he made a U-turn from his original position before he became Prime Minister. The same applies to Abela. These are political double standards at their best.

This site has been the only one that has been preparing the public for this from beforehand but unfortunately the masses have woken up now and come to the realisation of what is coming. Thus the infuriating comments I am coming across on Facebook. It is a shame that we get attacked for speaking the truth. The lies of the agenda of the liberal mainstream media spread faster than the truth.

If the public is going to continue to vote for the same political parties because generational history has blindfolded done so then this country will never heal. And if the public is not going to wake up just like it never woke up to the coercions imposed on it during Covid-19 then any government to whom the public gives power by blind acceptance is going to continue with anything that is a global agenda rushing head on and stampeding with force. The masses have to understand where we are heading and the evil that is currently taking up speed worldwide.

In the UK there was unfortunately another court case whereby the Court of Appeal ruled that babies with Down’s Syndrome can be aborted up until birth.[1]The Eugenics Movement is taking up speed just like it is taking up speed here. Because the Eugenics Movement abortion the sterilisation of women and all other matters they are pushing on societies go hand in hand with the orders of the elitist craftsmen.

This after Heidi Crowter 27 sought a change to the UK abortion law that currently allows babies with Down’s syndrome to be aborted up until birth. In the UK abortion can be carried out until 24 weeks and then until birth if the unborn baby is suspected of having a fetal anomaly (disability).

Unfortunately Crowter has lost her legal challenge with SPUC slamming the ruling as “callous”. After losing a legal challenge in the High Court in September of last year Heidi appealed to the Court of Appeal which concluded on November 25 that “it is a question for Parliament not the Courts to decide.”

Crowter had challenged the law on the grounds that it is a clear “instance of inequality” for people with conditions like her own and thus incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.

In a new statement issued today responding to the verdict Bishop John Sherrington Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster and Lead Bishop for Life Issue stated that the ruling was upsetting:

“I am deeply saddened that Heidi Crowter’s campaign to recognize the child with a disability in the womb as an equal has been rejected by the Court of Appeal. The law which protects her after birth did not protect her in the womb – indeed a disabled person such as Heidi can be aborted up to the moment of birth based on their disability alone. This is illogical and unjust. Whilst the judgment claims that section 1(1)(d) of the Abortion Act 1967 does not have ‘any significant role in causing discriminatory attitudes against disabled people generally or those with Down’s in particular the year-on-year increase in disability- selective abortions tells a very different story.”

Commenting on the ruling Heidi said: “I am very upset that babies with Down’s Syndrome can be aborted up to birth. This tells me that I am not valued and of much less value than a person without Down’s Syndrome… I am angry that the judges say that my feelings don’t matter. That makes me feel that I am not as valuable as a person without Down’s Syndrome”.

Heidi Crowter nevertheless vowed to take her case to the Supreme Court.

There is no justice in a world run by evil where criminals make the rules telling you they are made to protect you when in reality they are made in a way that can be broken via loopholes by the same criminals to protect themselves.


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