First they push for abortion and now they are creating AI babies and artificial wombs in the transhuman babyless infertile world of aborted foetuses.

“Eugenics ” ”depopulation ” “Population Decline ” ”Illuminati ” ”New World Order ” – you have them all in one bag given to you by the cold-blooded reptilian elite psychopaths.

The game is this: first they multiple-vaccinate women and men with vaccines loaded with harmful chemicals causing them infertility then they create birth control methods whose studies have found are harmful to women then they create IVF which puts a lot of money into the pockets of the privileged few then they create amendments to the same IVF law to introduce eugenics then they pave the way for abortion so to ease the country’s strict abortion laws then the blanket abortion ban is ended and then they create babies through transhumanism.

So now we have Baby Clone AI – the world’s first ultra-realistic silicone baby with artificial intelligence designed to mimic the behaviour of a real child. “Baby Clone AI is the world’s first ultra-realistic silicon baby with artificial intelligence designed to mimic the behaviour of a real child. Because it is so realistic soothing and taking care of the baby requires understanding its reactions. Baby clone AI cries for attention just like a real baby. It needs to be nursed when hungry. If the baby is sleepy it needs to be rocked gently to sleep. When it wants to be cuddled close contact will soothe it. When uncomfortable the baby needs to be placed in a different position and to keep it clean and dry the diaper needs to be changed and the baby needs to be washed with a sponge or a wet wipe. One needs to gently caress the head to turn it on and off and after just a few hours charging the battery lasts all day. Baby Clone AI is available in different ages from preemie to three months old customised skin tone hair and eye colour. Its artificial intelligence can be customised remotely to adjust to particular needs. Baby Clone AI is the new baby clone revolution of luxury silicon babies.”

It sounds like this cutting-edge company is providing a product that comes with a detailed manual especially for all those who are or will be sterilized in the long run by the covid shots.

And then why not having the same World Economic Forum pushing a project “designed to make AI build other Ais developing a computer vision system that vastly outperforms the state-of-art-models in order to improve how autonomous vehicles and next-generational AI robots “see””. This is according to their article entitled “This Google AI created a ‘child’ AI to help it solve problems.”[1]

Chinese scientists have also built a robot nanny to care for babies in an artificial womb. They sell it to you for your benefit of course:
“The ‘robot nanny’ can monitor embryos ‘to an unprecedented detail for any sort of defects’ during pregnancy.”

“Chinese scientists reportedly created an artificial womb for fetuses to safely grow outside of a human body in a ‘robotic nanny’ that can monitor and take care of embryos.”

Nathan Minsberg an i24NEWScontributor based in Hong Kong said the potential breakthrough comes at a time when China is “facing its lowest birthrates in a decade.”

According to him this “AI robot is being developed as a potential solution to population growth problems in the world’s most populous country with birth rates recently falling to their lowest level in six decades.”[2]Something to keep in mind however is that this population crisis is another fabricated lie. There are plenty of resources and more than enough land for far far more people even than currently exist.

And one must keep in mind that China’s One Child Policy was introduced only for population control purposes in that it assured the absolute destruction of the family so that all people would have no support group in a nuclear and extended family to rely upon and would instead become absolute dependent slaves upon the State. Any woman who violated this one child policy was ordered to do an abortion no matter in what month of the pregnancy she was.

The question lies in whether this inhuman unthinking automaton population of China one sees today with the anti-family policies in full swing with the same goal in mind will spread worldwide. Well it is already happening.

This artificial womb technology has failed in the past but now scientists are being backed by multimillions in funding for its advancement and they are succeeding. Among such we find Eindhoven University of Technology which was awarded a 2.9 million euro grant by the Horizon 2020 EU program to develop artificial wombs prototype.

No wonder that we have the EU and even Metsola in favour of abortion. “The researchers plan to complete a proof-of-principle working prototype by 2024 with the goal of their artificial wombs in use in hospitals by “coincidentally” the same deadline again – 2030.[3]

When will mankind learn that they will never replace God? Science was never intended to replace God but only to bring to light discoveries in order to get us closer to God and praise His grandeur. If science conceptually denies a Creator or a God it will claim no evidence. Instead science is playing God.
And playing God will not end well for these entities and for those who praise them and their evil technologies.


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