The Freemasonry symbolisms will be their downfall.

If we pay attention the Freemasonry symbolisms are everywhere – in buildings photos gestures. I had already written how symbolism through subliminal messages was also apparent in last year’s Eurovision.

This year’s 2022 VMAs were also a never-ending barrage of toxic messages and occult symbolism related to this New World Order Symbolism. Were the VMAs directly sponsored by the globalist elite?  This sad spectacle was clear evidence of how popular culture is now used to not only indoctrinate but also confuse and demoralize the masses.[1]The article’s link is at the end of the blog for any of you who would like to learn more and how and in which ways.

Any prominent celebrity you see in the media has knowingly or unknowingly agreed to certain terms in order to be in their position. Nothing is given away for free in the industry. How far an individual goes is a personal and spiritual pursuit over which they have no control. Use your common sense and consider why only a few people reach the so-called “top.” Thousands of talented athletes actors and musicians fail to make it in the world and it is not due to a lack of talent. Walking the “red” carpet means being among the “stars.” (blood strength will and desire) It’s all a “global network” of people willing to give up their lives for fame and fortune. So when you see celebrities and VIPs in all sectors covering the one eye or doing the triangle sign then you understand who owns them.

Transhumanism symbolism in the VMAs:

And then they somehow “have the habit” of covering one eye like the Freemasonic “all seeing eye” symbol no?

Dismiss what you will. I don’t believe in coincidences. If they’re at the top they were or are controlled. Therefore their ideologies are also not their own but part of a much wider agenda to destroy mankind…specifically to push us away from the Creator. They do not want people to look towards Christ as Saviour because doing so renders them useless. We will all die one death some will die another (spiritual) while others will live for eternity. This life is only a test.

Then there are other symbols:

And then we have “google” and “gmail”:

Here are more photos with the triangle like that which surrounds the “all seeing eye” as a common factor:

Research has also led me to “the hand-in-waistcoat” pose or the Lion’s Paw or the Hidden Hands which is also a Masonic code or a reference to an Illuminati ritual. Others think that this is a common gesture that can be traced in history since some societal circles in ancient Greece considered it disrespectful to speak with your hands outside of your clothing hence they put one of their hand in the cloak. Or since Freemasonry is rooted in history dating back to 1717 and is infiltrated in various sectors and institutions could it be that this reason was not the case? The readers are invited to make their own research and come up with their own judgment.

Always pay attention to the detail because the detail of the symbolism will be their downfall.

A recent Masonic advertising on a billboard in New York. The caption on the screen reads: “New York’s Freemasons Create Meanings.”

The late Queen’s first cousin Prince Edward Duke of Kent is currently the highest ranking freemason (Grandmaster).

[1]The Toxic Agendas and the Blatant Occult Symbolism of the 2022 VMAs | The Vigilant Citizen

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