The agenda of the leftist liberal media is portraying white women as “far-right extremists” and “terrorists”.

I am going to take up on Profs Simon Mercieca’s article: “L-argument demografiku li ħadd ma jrid jagħmel: b’din l-emenda ta’ Abela il-Maltin ser jispiċċaw aktar malajr f’minoranza” by showing the public the movement that there is against white women which is written on the same train of thought and agenda which Profs Mercieca is showing you.

This anti-white women movement is not something recent but it is now taking up pace and thus I am going to show you through various articles the other side of the coin.

Do you remember the attempted terrorist attack of Philip Manshaus a 22-year old Norwegian at a mosque in Bærum Norway in 2019? During the trial it was revealed that Manshaus held National Socialist views and had been inspired by the Christchurch terrorist in New Zealand a few months prior to carrying out the attack. Manshaus happened also to be an avid viewer of Red Ice TV described as a white nationalist alternative media outlet based in the U.S. and Sweden. In the weeks leading up to the attack Manshaus had become obsessed with finding a wife having white children and settling down in the Norwegian countryside in order to preserve the white race.

Clearly such terrorist attacks of deranged minds who become influenced by anything which is damaging and harmful in the extreme modus operandi of a cult [if such allegations are true] have become the order of the day to start the anti-white movement or the “sexually orientated” hate speech movement or anti-this or anti-that so that the leftist wokeism liberal programming is fully successful.

This is also the line of thought with Matthew Balanger accused last July of leading a neo-Nazi group called Rapekrieg and allegedly planning an attack on a New York Synagogue. According to the inadequate investigations and modus operandi of the FBI puppets of the State this group was going to among other crimes rape white women to increase the production of white children so as to create a white ethnostate through accelerationist means.

No wonder the excuse behind legalising abortion is “for the health of the mother” or “being acceptable in cases of rape and incest”. No wonder the MSNBC last August that “abortion is seen by white extremists as part of the so-called ‘white genocide’ plot” and in that sense “reproductive rights are a part of their ‘white extinctions anxiety’”.

It adds that “The loss of Roe v. Wade in this scenario directly serves white supremacist extremist goals — as long as it is white babies who cannot be aborted” in the “white supremacists’ horrifying plot” because “some white supremacist group sees rape of white women as an ‘extensively effective’ way to increase white births. After the death of Roe the ideology is all the more horrifying.”

In a piece by Leslie Root a PhD candidate in demography at the University of California at Berkeley the far-right are blamed for their “conspiracy theories” known as “the Great Replacement” and “White Genocide” which mean that immigration and differences in birthrates will cause the gradual replacement of white people by non-white people.

According to him this talk of how we are heading towards a “majority-minority” era when people of colour will outnumber the white is just a narrative that uses a “highly exclusionary version of whiteness” while ignoring “the fact that even under this exclusionary definition whites will still constitute the single largest racial group” fuelling the “survival-of-the-fittest mentality” at the root of the same “the Great Replacement” theory together with the white genocide theory. In other words he is calling this movement eugenic.

According to him it is not true that the world is going through a fertility “crash” “plummeting” birthrates or a “demographic cliff”. Instead he claims they are stable while dismissing it as a problem on a civilization level and acknowledging it as an economical problem since “low fertility and population decline lead to an aging population and a larger share of old people relative to working-age people ” making it difficult to fund pension systems slowing economic growth.

I can assure you that the Great Reset is running high and well. Old people are being eliminated thanks to the vaccine genocide women are being encouraged to either abort or do an IVF so that the funds for the latter are compensated with the cash of the former women and men are either unable to produce due to chemicals which are maiming permanently their reproductive health and rights producing fewer children or postponing parenthood due to the high cost of living over-priced properties et cetera while legal and illegal immigration are both tightly knit so to keep the Maltese economy floating in a drained ocean.

Eviane Leidig also joins forces in a piece in the ICCT journal [Internal Centre for Counter Terrorism] white women as being “far-right extremists” while saying that they assist in the online radicalisation of men like Manshaus by recruiting men so that then they programme them to become “far-right extremists”. For her having women in the far-right movement assists in presenting the same movement through more subtle framing since they serve to “legitimise and normalise the movement”. For her their role is “insidious” which is “to be taken seriously when we assess the drivers of terrorism.”

And then we have the propaganda machine holding hands with the same forces. According to the New York Times white women use themselves as instruments of terror. The NYT blames the white public assault on black people especially black men. This ties to the Elite movement “Black Lives Matter.” According to Politico it was back in 2015 when a gathering of Democratic-Party donors the Democracy Alliance met with leaders of several groups who endorsed this Black Lives Matter movement. In this gathering they focused on how to make such movement grow led by the Texas oil fortune heir Leah Hunt-Hendrix also a member of this Democracy Alliance who had donated more than $200 000 to the BLM movement by 2015. According to The Economist donations to BLM-related causes amounted to $10.6 billion in a short period of 7 months (May 2020 and December 2020).

How about All Lives Matter including that of the foetus? But not for the liberal narrative and the powers that be.

For The Daily Beast “The Right’s Obsession with White Birth Rates inspired the Buffalo Terrorist”

In The Taylor & Francis journal” a study entitled “Do White Supremacist Women Adopt Movement Archetypes of Mother Whore and Fighter?” was published. According to the abstract “Our extensive interview data allow us to provide a rich depiction of the integrated natures of the public and private lives of white supremacist activist women adding new information about a population of women engaged in political extremism and violent organization about which little is known.”

And then we have the classic last 3-minute read propaganda example by Alyx Goldberg – “White birthing women are terrorists” – “the terror unleashed on the world by white women and their insistence on producing white babies to plague Black communities and keep them from succeeding.” This is propaganda.

In reality these women and all those against abortion and in favour of life are challenging the narratives of societal degradation caused by misogynists feminists racists liberals and leftists in their quest to restore order by starting with the nuclear family unit as a prevalent way of celebrating life itself.

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