The BCRS scheme continues to be a validation of how our government is corrupted by its brigade of lobbyists and business platoons.

We continue with the saga of this so-called Socialist government. I must regretfully say that socialism is leading to communism and communism has first had you line up to be injected with an experimental lethal cocktail for your “health and safety” and it is now having you line up to get machines injected with a cocktail of industrialised environmental hazards for the “health and safety” of the environment.

Before I am stoned by the Puritans and the Pharisees in the square I declare that I am all out in favour of the environment. But when through research with an open mind in a world of holograms and illusions one realises the hoax and lobbying there is behind all this “pro-environment” movement then one cannot negate the fact that we are being cajoled. I will show you this in more detail in future blogs.

The BCRS scheme continues to be a proof that our government is corrupted by its brigade of lobbyists and business platoons while making you wear a blindfold for two reasons.

Firstly so that you believe the lie that these same brigades are environmentalists when in reality they run companies where the amount of environmental hazards produced won’t even start in giving birth to a whole plantation of forests as big as the seven continents put together. Forget Yorgen Fenech who the media is still massacring and blaming. If you start unweaving the net it will take you to the real spidery “space cognoscenti” in their quest to turn the NWO green agenda into a reality obeying the Elite’s guide to turn everything into sustainable development while turning humans into unsustainable deterioration.

This is the same paradigm used by various companies which get soaked with wealth through the devise of dull concrete architectural designs or anything that is environmentally hazardous but which then engage in environmental projects so that they camouflage the truth that they also walk hand in hand with the devises of the urban rambles they have put us in disembodying the classical notion of “rus in urbe” that is the integration of nature within the urban plan.

While in the Roman era the desirability of nature was seen as a mark of civilisation and as a promoter of health and well-being our country is reaching its zenith of Nero’s “Domus Aurea” and the ‘horti’ surrounded by concrete monstrosity.

Secondly so that you believe that even the government is an environmentalist and a green space connoisseur while unplucking and destroying each and every tree and each and every piece of green land we have. At times it even takes the trouble to employ the art of gerrymander in order to divide some green public spaces and valleys for the sake of “traditional hobbies” and/or private use among embusqués carpetbaggers and highbinders.
I am not going to go into giving you the whole picture of this corruption-laden BCRS scheme which was promoted by Muscat from his pro-business throne during his reign. Profs Simon Mercieca and Dr Herman Farrugia have already given you a picture of how it is tarnishing various people from all walks of life especially during the ongoing decease of deflation.

Three more factors are now adding up to this scheme which I got to know just a few days ago so that I show the public to where you are being headed:

firstly coupons are not redeemable from any outlet. This means that you either need to buy from the same outlet from which you bought all your beverages or else you need to do the merry-go-round until you find an outlet which accepts your deposit refund coupons;

secondly many small groceries did not sign up to be part of this scheme understandably since they run a small business which would make it unfeasible for them to collect deposit refund coupons which amount for hundreds and thousands of euro to then get them back at a later stage when the customers to whom they would have given back the money might not have bought the beverages from them. Moreover the majority of the customers of these small groceries are either the elderly or those who do not drive which will put them more at a disadvantage at such a decision.
This is thus shifting the nation towards the reshaping and restructuring of the world during the Great Reset: to destroy small businesses many employments push people to depend more on the state through the UBI or any other communist scheme and shift the world towards one where giant corporations may be the only survivors solidifying the growing corporate divide between the big and small fish. Small businesses already had it tough after two years of shutdowns and restrictions while they are now being strained trying to keep up with the price increases.

And when our government should be more vigilant in its antitrust action on the exuberant rebound of large companies while the small competitors struggle our government pro-business as it is is doing the opposite!

Thirdly I was informed by a family-run minimarket owner of whom I am also a customer that he might not be accepting the deposit refund coupons anymore because he was informed that these might be exchanged for money in March almost six months from the set up of this criminal scheme adding that it is not promising for his small business although he is aware that this might deter customers from buying beverages from him. He told me “I would rather use this money to fill the shelves with stock rather than not having enough cash to keep my small business up and running which I have been running for over 15 years with loads of sacrifices while waiting for months for these bunch of business killers to give me hundreds of money back!”

In the meantime the Maltese nation continues to grumble and yet it remains morbidly obedient to accept everything that communism is getting it lined up for!

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