The liberal media of the Woke states that it is for freedom of expression and in favour of choice but in reality it does not accept the choices made by others especially if such choices do not conform to their tactics modus operandi ideologies and beliefs. Instead of adopting the freedom to be it resorts to bullying tactics ridiculing and rebuking. We have seen how it has resorted to calling Edwin Vassallo “dinosawru” and how it tried to massacre Fr David Muscat Fr Luke Seguna and any other victim of its agenda.

The victims are now those who are against abortion and in this article it was the turn of ex-president Marie Louise Coleiro Preca the head of Life Network Malta Miriam Sciberras and members of the same network.

I am referring to the following article by the Times of Malta and its caption:

My heartfelt congratulations to the Times for choosing such a title with the phrase “pro-life group” to describe Life Network Malta. In this way it is admitting that those who are shouting from the bottom and depth of their larynx while risking laryngitis “My body my choice” are an anti-life group. Or the cult of death? Ironically this article was written by a female journalist. Was the title her choice too by any chance?

My heartfelt congratulations to the Times for choosing such a title with the predicate “but refuses to answer media questions” showing that these admirable women have after all a right of choice while refusing to take and answer questions from a media that employs journalists whose role in independent journalism should be that of investigative journalism through investigative non-biased questions in order to write investigative articles.
It is a pity that they end up bullying those in support of life on the excuse that they are refusing to answer questions and it is double the pity when the art of asking questions an asset in critical thinking utilised by critical thinkers is not helping the mainstream media. At least such a title is showing the true colour of the Times of Malta which was funded and financed by Mabel Strickland to stand for Christian thought and values.

TOM’s caption is worthless and unconstructive but purposeful and destructive in the regime of liberal bullies and liberal intimidators who think that they can dictate to others how to live on their dictated terms. The hypocrisy lies in the fact that in political press conferences the same TOM journalists are irked when politicians run away from their questions. But now they are picking up on this group and women. This is just the tip of the iceberg in the demonization and dehumanisation of anyone who goes against the leftist and liberal agenda.

I express and show my solidarity towards former president Marie Louise Coleiro Preca the head of Life Network Malta Miriam Sciberras  and other Life Network Malta members.

You and any other women who will join this celebration of life movement will always have my back. And so will men.

I am sure that your strength and courage will never allow any serpent to mesmerise you with apples that look appetising from the outside but are rotting from the inside.

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