Christianity and Christ are The Times anathema

The Times of Malta has a lot of hard work to do before it leads itself to salvation if it will. Clearly, Christianity and Christ are its anathema.

What a drivel of a caricature it has published, done ad hoc to market the murder of babies while mocking the Holy Mary while pregnant with Jesus, thus starting locally the disgusting movement that is already taking up speed abroad, with the persecution of Christian professionals and now with the latest trend of making Christ look as transgender.

At least, the true colours of the Times are now coming out. TOM cannot stoop lower than this. Kudos to Edwin Vassallo for standing up against such an abomination.

Will Archbishop Scicluna or Fr Joe Borg, who are supporters of The Times, issue statements condemning such a caricature? Will Archbishop Scicluna unchain himself from any woke member of his same church or any other woke person who is advising him?

The time has come even for the Catholic Church in Malta to clean its own stables and stir out of the mess it is currently in. All people of good faith must unite to clean this country from the woke, the liberal, the leftist, and the New Age Movement. The church must start by setting up an example by stirring away from any type of journalism that distorts the biblical message. Then there are those “enlightened journalists” who enmesh the uncentered in a net of spiritual pretense, when truly, they are “masters of self-avoidance” weaving the net of Scaramouche playing the fandango!

Dear Times of Malta and any other who shares the same rotten ideology as yours, my final humble advice to you is this: you are heading towards your downfall and this downfall is closer than you think. And while, in the near future, you will be just a memory of the dark ages, Jesus will be in the mouth of everyone thanks to His elected, because Jesus will never be silenced, censored, or cancelled. In Islam, there is a nice expression to envision all this – Bismillah.

Let our humanity becomes centred again in Christ! And in our laudes regiae we will all sing: Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

In the meantime, I can give TOM an idea for a future caricature:

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