Here are the reasons why I am defending Christianity

It is now clear that this government has an anti-Christian agenda. We are living under an anti-Christian regime. Thus, we are now in what can be defined as a true spiritual warfare. This is an anti-Christian movement, which is leading to the modern persecution of Christians. Forget the lions in the Coliseum tearing up Christian flesh while the Romans and the emperor watch and cheer. Instead, picture the woke media in the Coliseum tearing up Christian flesh while the Woke, the liberal and leftist emperors watch and cheer.

This is the persecution of Christians, Catholics, and whoever proclaims to be a fervent believer in Christ by the Woke, who will also persecute anyone who opposes them, no matter the creed and spirituality.

And I am going to say this so that I am not misunderstood as a Puritan or as a religious dogma-brainwashed woman: there was a long, never-ending period in my life when I doubted God. I was suffering so much, that the pain became unbearable. And when I used to think that I was approaching the end of the tunnel to finally enjoy some sun, I used to realise that I had hardly started walking in the tunnel. Thus, I questioned why God would allow such suffering. But I say it over and over again: it is in this long period of suffering that God found me. Often, the signs manifested concretely, leaving me even with my jaw wide open. And it was during this period that my spiritual journey took its first baby steps, which metamorphosed me into the deep, strong, fearless, Christian woman I am today. I describe myself as a newborn Christian. And when I look back, I would not change a thing.

It is of utmost importance that we are hyper-aware of the darkness that hides behind the light, shadows disguised as transparency, manipulations hidden behind a smiley-faced emoji, and the media behind the Woke.

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