According to the liberal media of the woke becoming fearless original empowered and courageous is in the clothing.

Mark Bryan a 61-year-old engineer from Germany began wearing high heels with skirts to work and as part of his everyday attire. His appearance inspires people to reject stereotypes and never be afraid to wear whatever they want.[1]It seems like now becoming fearless and original is shown by wearing clothing of the opposite sex. An intelligent critical-thinking brain is being marketed as a way to be courageous and a powerful way of rejecting stereotypes.

At first glance Mark Bryan a robotics engineer and father of three appears to be an ordinary man. He’s usually preoccupied with work and family responsibilities. However he has recently created a stir on the internet and a following of approximately 200 000 on Instagram by sharing his exquisite looks which are far from the ordinary “dad stuff.”

He began drastically altering his wardrobe habits four years ago. Bryan’s daily outfits now include red pumps plaid miniskirts and suede boots which he wears with midi and mini pencil skirts. While sharing his daily outfits he expresses how his clothing preferences are just as normal as anything else he does.

He adds that his outfits make him feel empowered and more confident. Feeling powerful and confident is something that we are born with and we should cultivate them when growing up. They are not traits that clothing equips us with!

He also states that he prefers skirts to dresses because as he puts it skirts allow him to mix and match looks making them masculine above the waist and neutral below the waist. He stated that people don’t really have many options for outfit variety with ordinary “male” trousers but with skirts there are a wide range of colors and styles and this is what makes him feel good about himself when wearing his outfits.

When he first told his children about his outfits he tried to explain that there is nothing sexual about his method of putting together his daily wardrobe and that it had nothing to do with their father being gay. His daughter is now one of his most ardent supporters and she longs to borrow some of her father’s shoes.

So what is it about? Is it a fetish? According to the article and historians “high heels were first made for men and they started wearing them back in the 10th century.”

His wife has always been supportive and she has even assisted him in selecting his outfits.

He has received a lot of negative feedback and comments about his fashion experiments. However many men at work and in public admit that Mark is a normal guy who can hold a really manly conversation and acts masculine. This is not about acting masculine but being born and being masculine. And what do they mean by holding a “manly conversation”? I didn’t know that conversations have a gender now too.

When people start questioning his sexuality he always asks if they’d be as interested if he wore pants. Though these questions can make him irritable he admits that people around him don’t really care about other people’s outfits.

In the attire one wears there is the way one wants to project oneself. According to the Woke this is empowerment but in reality breaking conventions carries with it social repercussions.


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