While our MEPs were dead silent about the narrative of Covid-19, our MEP Cyrus Engerer has turned into the mouthpiece of the Woke during a passionate speech in the European Parliament.

Instead of having our MEPs speaking against the Covid-19 vaccines including the scandal behind the contract between Pfizer’s CEO and the EU president Ursula von der Leyen and the persecution of the unvaccinated during the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines our MEPs were not only silent but now we have MEP Cyrus Engerer joining the agenda of the Woke and pushing it during “an impassioned speech in the European Parliament following the double murder of two gay men in Slovakia suspected to be hate crimes.”[1]

Engerer told Europe’s policymakers that “It started with a word – they called us pufta dyke faggot – but it ended with a knife a fist or in this case a gun” adding that: “That’s the reality we face when our community and our leadership don’t take hate speech seriously.”

Engerer’s speech comes after an estimated 20 000 people gathered outside a gay bar in Bratislava where Mat Horváth and Juraj Vankuli described as “two men” by Lovin Malta were shot dead. These are the double standards and ambiguity of the woke. Actually one was non-binary and one was bi-sexual. So on the one hand they do not want to identify themselves with the male and female gender and then they want to come up with pronouns exclusive for themselves and then the leftist media of Lovin Malta called them “men”.

Following the murders the country has called for action on LGBTIQ+ rights and protections with Slovak President Zuzana Caputova raising a rainbow flag over her office.

“Engerer slammed the deaths as“the result of inaction in the face of growing radicalisation of far right and conservative narratives”.

“We lost two of our siblings to hate and intolerance– our community saw the warning signs in every tweet post hand gesture. They were allowed because the right wing distracted our political discourse with talk of pronouns and wokeness in the face of rising radicalisation.” Isn’t the choice of pronouns being pushed by the Woke? So why is the right wing being blamed?

To the applause within Parliament’s walls Engerer concluded by urging Europe’s political leaders to “take more action on the rising hate – once again our community is begging you.”

So according to Engerer the conservatives and the far right are to blame.  According to Engerer the conservatives and their narrative are pushing people to kill LGBTIQ+ people.

It is important to note that Engerer has concluded just like the media did that this murder is an anti-LGBT hate crime even though the police at first did not find any motive behind it. Then as of 17 October 2022 while still under investigation it was classified as a terrorist attack. It is important to note that in the shooting a woman was injured too.

It is also important to note that while Engerer gives you the impression that these two killed people were called “pufta” “dyke ” or “faggot” while in the gay bar which then gave rise to a rift which escalated to the shooting this was not the case.

According to security camera footage the attacker had hidden himself in an alcove next door to the bar before the shooting occurred. Was it a random shooting or could it be that the murderer knew the victims in personal life and waited for them to come out? And why was his twitter account banned? What do they want to hide? We can never tell because the killer was found dead elsewhere next day with the cause of death being stated as suicide.

So why is their conclusion including that of Engerer that this is an anti-LGBTIQ+ hate crime? When terrorists kill people in malls and children and teachers at schools what kind of hate crimes are these?

Are they using this shooting to push their agenda further?

Can Engerer specify what more action must be taken? Aren’t people already losing their jobs or having their account banned for opposing this agenda? Aren’t we seeing people including the clergy and Christians being arrested for opposing this agenda? Some of the most egregious examples of woke cancel culture have occurred when professors who had noticed and lamented these facts were pursued by leftist students and subsequently dismissed from their positions.

Aren’t people also being arrested for tweets?

And the leftist media of the woke Lovin Malta joins the tune by asking the readers at the end of the article: “Have you ever faced hate speech or worse for your sexual orientation?”

Because according to the leftist woke hate speech has suddenly taken the definition of revolving around sexual orientation only when it comes to their LGBTIQ+ agenda.

So when I was called that I am not a “whole woman” because I do not have children even though I am now 46 what kind of hate speech is this? And when I was called “half woman” because my natural breasts do not conform to the dictated size of the world what kind of hate speech is this? And when I was called that I am just a “biċċa teacher” because I do not have other kinds of degrees from the “cradle of wisdom” what kind of hate speech is this? And when I was called “stupid” “crazy” “negative” “anti-vaxxer” “grumbler” “PL hater” “conspiracy theorist” and more when my anti Covid-19 narrative blogs started being published what kind of hate speech is this?

Despite its apparent dominance in corporate media and major institutions wokeness is increasingly resembling what Maoists called a “paper tiger” in the 1960s; when confronted directly as wokeness has rarely been its popularity and power reveal less than meets the eye.

Woke policies will one day become obsolete. They will be mocked rather than celebrated and their heroes will be long forgotten.

And when the tide turns Lovin Malta and Cyrus Engerer must come up with explanations as to how and why isn’t their weak woke tune not holding anymore.


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