The media admits that Covid-19 vaccines are bringing about a rise in cancer.

On 11thFebruary 2022 Reuters published an article entitled “Fact Check-No evidence COVID-19 vaccines have caused an increase in cancers contrary to claims made on social media.”[1]

Reuters refers to the article of September 13 2021 by Life Site News with the headline: “Idaho doctor reports a ’20 times increase’ of cancer in vaccinated patients.”

In May 2021 Life Site News was removed from Facebook for violating COVID-19 policies.  The Life Site News article includes a video of Dr. Ryan Cole tweeting about the rise in cancer cases. This account of Dr. Ryan Cole was suspended from Twitter. Dr. Ryan Cole says in the video that he is seeing an increase in herpes shingles mononucleosis human papillomavirus cervical biopsies and molluscum contagiosum.

At the 1:02 mark Cole says: “We’re literally weakening the immune system of these individuals. Now most concerning of all. Is there a pattern of these types of immune cells in the body that keep cancer in check? Well since January 1 in the laboratory I’ve seen a 20 times increase in endometrial cancers over what I see on an annual basis. A 20 times increase. I’m not exaggerating at all.”Cole then adds that he is seeing increased cases of melanomas.

The Idaho Capital Sun reported in December 2021 that “the American Board of Pathology urged the Washington Medical Commission to consider the actions of Cole who is licensed to practice in Washington.”

Another article in the Idaho Capital Sun reported earlier in December 2021 that Cole and his laboratory “Cole Diagnostics were removed from the St. Luke’s Health Partners network a network of health care providers supporting 160 000 Idahoans.”

Cole has previously been chastised for spreading false information about the COVID-19 pandemic including one instance in which he referred to COVID-19 vaccines as “needle rape.”

When you speak the truth you get banned from Facebook Twitter and even from your job. The message is clear – you cannot go against the narrative.
And so the lying media Reuters whose head is also on the board of Pfizers debunked the claim that COVID-19 vaccines cause cancer or weaken the immune system because according to Meedan’s Health Desk “experts” there is no evidence linking the vaccines to cancer.

Reuters added that there was no evidence provided to allow Reuters Fact Check to evaluate the claim’s veracity. But in the same breath Reuters does admit that there is a rise in cancer but they blame Covid since during the pandemic regular cancer screenings and care were disrupted the possibility that some adults will abandon prior patterns of preventive care and the expectation that millions of adults will remain unemployed and without health insurance. This also implies that many people left battling cancer “for the sake of safety” and that the great reset will also bring about more deaths.

According to Dr. Gigi Gronvall immunology expert and senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security told Reuters:

“If— and it’s a big if— he is seeing genuinely more cancer patients in a way that is statistically verifiable now it is likely due to people putting off cancer and other medical screening during the last couple of years.”

In a nutshell he is also admitting a rise in cancer rates. He only shifts the blame to other causes.

Fast forward to October and CNN publishes the news that “A global epidemic of cancer among people younger than 50 could be emerging.”[2]CNN cites a new review of the cancer registry which proves that colorectal and 13 other types of cancers many of which affect the digestive system are increasing rapidly in 44 middle and high-income countries.

According to the review’s authors the increase in younger adults is due in part to more sensitive testing for certain cancer types such as thyroid cancer. However testing does not fully account for the trend according to co-author Shuji Ogino a pathology professor at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

It is important to note that Ogino does not mention the causes mentioned by Reuters before. Instead he blames the increase on an unhealthy confluence of risk factors some of which are known and others “that need to be investigated.”

Among the causes he notes we find obesity inactivity diabetes alcohol smoking environmental pollution Western diets high in red meat and added sugars shift work lack of sleep pollutants and food additives.

CNN also adds that the world is witnessing “an explosion of colorectal cancer in younger adults.”

So when it comes to having other causes that need to be investigated for this rise can the Covid-19 vaccines be part of such investigation?


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