Do they want us interconnected via a trivergence? – The CEO of Nokia says that smartphones will be built directly into the body by 2030.

The agenda of microchipping has more to it and as you might have realised from the title everything is part and parcel of Agenda 2030.
In today’s postmodern zombified apocalyptical world smartphones have become very important to users for both work and play. To some they have become addictive tools.

Since the introduction of the smartphone humanity has reached a new problem. Although we’ve become more connected thanks to smartphones we have also become increasingly disconnected from our surroundings. We appear to have become a more arrogant self-centered bunch as we spend more time hooked on our phones whether it’s scrolling our newsfeeds while ignoring our friends at gatherings or texting our friends at business meetings. As a result the term “phubbing” an abbreviation for “phone snubbing” was coined to describe this phenomenon.

In addition a new study in UCLA has revealed that increased use of smartphones and lesser time spent for face-to-face interaction is leading to the decline of social skills among children who are in turn becoming less empathetic.

But now smartphones are taking up another position.
Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark claims that many people will abandon their smartphones by 2030 adding that they will become obsolete within the next decade because he claims that “Many devices will be implanted directly into our bodies.”[1] Where did he state this? While on a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos while adding that commercial use of 6G will begin in 2030 and that smartphones “will not be the most common interface” by that time.

When asked when the world will transition away from smartphones and toward smart glasses and other devices Lundmark predicted that it would happen before 6G: “By then definitely the smartphone as we know it today will not anymore be the most common interface. Many of these things will be built directly into our bodies.”

Smartphones remain the most important device for connecting to 5G networks in the current era. Pekka Lundmark believes that the situation will change once 6G networks become commercially available. Smartphones will not be the most common devices at that time and everyone will use devices such as smart glasses internet access as well as implanted chips and electronic devices in the human body.

However Pekka Lundmark did not specify the appearance of these electronic products that can cause people to put down their phones. The technical requirements of 6G networks will also change dramatically by 2030. It will necessitate massive computing power while also increasing network speed. It should be 100 times if not 1 000 times faster than the current network.

We were “cooked” with 4G now we are being “double cooked” with the perils of 5G of which I will write about in a future piece but soon they want to “triple cook” us with 6G.

And the microchip seems not to be enough too in their transhumanist control freak mode of living but now they are adding more.
And if you think that 6G is still far away in September we read that Singapore has opened the first physical 6G lab in the region[2]in order to become a global hub for 6G research and development.

To advance Singapore’s future communications and connectivity capabilities and talent the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has partnered with Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) one of the world’s leading scientific research institutions in telecommunications.

In anticipation of Singapore’s 6G future Minister for Communications and Information Josephine Teo launched SUTD’s Future Communications Connectivity (FCC) Lab the region’s first physical 6G lab which will also seek to combine 6G R&D with SUTD’s AI Mega Centre.

FCCLab will seek to unlock breakthroughs in 6G research and support emerging technologies such as holographic communications and intelligent sensing capabilities to support the next generation of self-driving cars and drones.

Lew Chuen Hong Chief Executive IMDA said: “The innovations of today are not possible without constant investment and keeping our eyes on the next bound. This is the start of our efforts to tap into the promise of future communications tech and become a global node of excellence.”
Will all this be a precursor to the metaverse?

Is it how they want us interconnected via a trivergence which includes the metaverse and 6G bodily integrations which will then be all linked to an A.I. system that controls the masses who are plugged into the grid?


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