Transhumanism, eugenics and how our government has turned into a transhumanist Social Darwinist party embracing the master race ideology.

Some transhumanism critics see eugenics social Darwinist and master race ideologies and programs as warnings of what the promotion of eugenic enhancement technologies may unintentionally encourage. I have already written about eugenics in detail in another blog but here I am going to touch on the basics and how this is building its roots in little Malta.

What is eugenics? Eugenics from Ancient Greek εύ̃(eû)meaning ‘good well’ and γενής (genes) meaning to ‘come into being growing’ is a fringe set of beliefs and practices that claim to improve the genetic quality of a human population. Historically eugenicists attempted to change human gene pools by excluding people and groups deemed inferior and promoting those deemed superiors.

Social Darwinism refers to various theories and societal practices that purport to apply biological concepts of natural selection and survival of the fittest to sociology economics and politics. According to Social Darwinism the wealthy and powerful gain wealth and power while the poor lose wealth and power.

The master race ideology (German: Herrenrasse) is a Nazi ideology pseudoscientific concept in which the putative “Aryan race” is regarded as the pinnacle of human racial hierarchy. Members were known as “Herrenmenschen” (“master humans”).

Isn’t this a reminiscence of the latest amendments in the IVF law which the Maltese government and the PN sheep voted in favour of?[1]

I remind the public that our government has announced[2]that the new amendments “to the IVF law will allow genetic testing prior to implantation to enable doctors to look out for certain conditions such as Huntingtons’ Disease.”

Don’t such amendments in the IVF law to introduce embryo selection in the IVF procedure go hand in hand with eugenics? In fact some local organisations came together to oppose such amendments calling such proposals as “nothing short of eugenics”.[3]The organisations sent a statement stating that such methods “provide a tool to enable the selection of which baby will live and which baby will be frozen in perpetuity.”

They also added that the government is seeking “to mask this reality by implying that discarded embryos still have the chance to be adopted” even though statistics show that “in the last two years the stockpile of frozen embryos has risen from 180 to over 300 this year” and the government did not mention that any of these embryos were adopted.

They continued stating that such amendments accentuate “a mentality that discriminates against people living with disabilities and argued that when the fundamental human principle that no one should decide who lives and who dies is violated there are “serious consequences.”

Thus they urged the government to consider the ethical and moral implications of such eugenic legislation. Doctors for Choice had their say and opposed this organisations’ statement. Because the world has become full of narcissists who think they are statistical gods and can create methods whereby they can decide who can live and who cannot.

And the opposition the PN has shown that it has become posthuman and hardwired morbidly obedient to the government’s agenda making a U-turn from its initial position to backing the government’s embryo genetic testing[4]in the vote cast in Parliament.

Lanqas żugraga ma ddur daqs il-PN u Bernard Grech! X’pastażata ta’ gvern u x’pastażata doppja ta’ oppożizzjoni!

Chris Fearne was happy to see that both sides of the House agreed on these “much-needed changes”[5]. Because when they are needed to push any agenda which has to do with the woke eugenics transhumanism abortion and anything that goes hand in hand with the plans of the New World Order to bring about the “much-ordered changes” both sides decide to drink from the same cup.

Only three MPs voted against who are Adrian Delia, Alex Borg, and Ivan Bartolo. While thanking them I would like to call upon any other individual out there who would like to join these three and give rise to a new strong movement.

Because our government is one of double standards. It celebrates the Special Olympics; talks about inclusion and the integration of disabled people in schools and workplaces; talks about inclusion of LGBTIQ+ in society; participates in Gay Pride events; imposes the use of pronouns as chosen by LGBTIQ+ students in schools and talks about how much the Maltese population is at his heart while coercing the same nation to take the experimental Covid-19 jabs. Then by default the amendment of IVF law and anything being imposed in such matters is exclusionary of life love and freedom.

So we have a government that not only has declared itself a leftist woke party but it has now even declared itself a transhumanist Social Darwinist party which is embracing the master race ideology by excluding people and groups deemed inferior and promoting those deemed superior. This is a government that took on itself the permission to carry out selective breeding through its eugenics legislation making eugenics theories part of the Maltese law while being in lockstep with the propaganda mind.


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