Dr Suzanne Humphries’ book: “Dissolving Illusions: Disease Vaccines and the Forgotten History.”

Dr Suzanne Humphries MD is an internal medicine specialist in Presque Isle ME and is board certified in Internal Medicine.

Her own autobiography “Rising from the Dead”[1] tells her personal story as a doctor’s path through medical school and out into academia specialty
medicine and practice while having to comply with the system’s standards.  She explains that like many doctors she was on her way to becoming one of the walking dead.

Then one day she realized that the policy was causing harm to her patients and took a stand.  As a result the authorities and her peers in the system treated her with hostility and ostracism.  Life was difficult in all directions for her in 2011   when she was depressed and deflated… until she found peace through an unexpected path and a new friend.  This book will astound you and make you wonder if your own doctor is inadvertently endangering your health.

And thus she does not top the scale of the medical system [2] because she challenges the same system and even traditional vaccines.

In her book which she co-authored with Roman Bystrianyk entitled “Dissolving Illusions: Disease Vaccines and the Forgotten History” [3] Humphries targets to answer a few questions some of which are “Do we really need vaccines?” and “Have we ever really needed vaccines?”

The book also contains over 50 graphs which can be seen and looked at for free in colour on the website dissolvingillusions.com. She shows the decline in mortality before the vaccines or the antibiotics came on the scene.  Thus the historical narration of the book revolves around why were people dying what was making them sick what was keeping them sick and what was the revolution which shifted this and dropped the mortality rate down by over 99% before the measles vaccine for instance came on the scene.  And the revolution had nothing to do with medical intervention or doctors or antibiotics but it had to do with more plumbers and more sanitation workers and a good social program and nutrition.

Dr. Humphries adds that the epigenetic changes that happen always evolve around nutrition even if one just has to look at babies in the utero and after they are born what their mothers eat and what comes out through the breast – nutrition is the most important core element which we can do whether we are already sick or wanting to prevent illness. It has been shown throughout time that nutrition and improvement in nutrition improved the overall health of society.

May such a book be an eye-opener for any worker in the medical field out there who would like to bring a shift and undo the indoctrination that the medical system has pushed and has been pushing for years and years onto people who thought that by working in the same field they are being of service to people who come for them for guidance for a healthier body a healthier mind a healthier lifestyle.



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